Six Qualities of the Best Online Customer Service Support Agents


Are you an online shopper? Do you always get your goods on time? Have you had problems with your deliveries, but are unsure of how to report the problem or even ask for information about a service? Whether you are shopping at Amazon, or any other online store, it is pertinent for the store to have an effective customer support desk.

While leaving emails and messages seems savvy, it isn’t always the best way to reach out to the customer services personnel. To ensure that you get the correct answers professionally, here are the qualities possessed by the customer services personnel of the best online retail stores:

  1. Professional

Isn’t it annoying to talk to a person who sounds unwilling to help? Even though making phone calls is the most efficient mode of communication with immediate feedback once you get through to an agent, your efforts will be futile if the agent is unprofessional, rude, and ineffective, yielding unsatisfactory answers to your questions. The best agents and customer service professionals act and talk professionally, keeping you satisfied and happy.

  1. Knowledgeable

To be able to solve customer issues, a customer service agent or executive must have adequate knowledge of all or a particular line of products. As an Amazon customer, you may be seeking information about a newly introduced gadget, or even how a product purchased is purported to be damaged. As the customer service agent, relevant product information will guide you to help the customers effectively.

  1. Positive aura

How does a customer service agent respond to a complaint or a disappointed or angry client? By having positivity resounding from your voice as you speak to the customers, you will be able to calm them down and even convince them to wait a while longer if the purchased product delivery delays further. This keeps your customers happy and your business’ chances of getting honest positive reviews increase.

  1. Attentive to details

An important characteristic of Amazon customer service executives and agents is their ability to listen intently, then pick details about their customers on the phone. This is an important feature that can be used to calm a customer. This attentiveness is also seen on texts and written feedback. Picking cues and little details helps in providing the best solutions to customers.

  1. Problem solving abilities

There will be several cases presented to a customer service agent that will require tact for the problems to be solved effectively. For instance, when a customer complains that the delivered product is damaged or not as effectively functional as advertised, the customer service agent should be at a position to listen and advise accordingly. This will include checking out and consulting the sellers. Third party sellers will be talked to and the problems resolved professionally.

  1. Honesty

While marketers are known to sugarcoat lies to sell products, customers expect honesty from the customer service agents. This involves telling the truth about products, services, and the genuineness of product reviews.

In conclusion, the best customer service agent possesses these and many other qualities. These are seen in Amazon agents and you can expect these and more from them. The success of an online retail store depends on these features and an Amazon customer should always look out for these qualities.

Author bio

Derek McKinley is a freelance writer and an internet marketer. Through research, he advises the Amazon customer on the best buying strategies and tips published on his blog. Check it out to learn more.