How to Exit 3D Mode Photoshop ?

How to Exit 3D Mode Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has become one of the industry leaders in graphic editing and 3D in quite a short period. Such is the hype around it that people often use the synonym ‘photoshopping’ for graphic editing. And that hype is duly warranted. 

How to Exit 3D Mode Photoshop

There are plenty of features in Photoshop and 3D mode is one of them. The 3D mode allows a user to build 3D objects using the conventional 2D layers. It’s pretty easy to use and is much loved throughout. But the going gets tough when you have to exit the 3D mode. It’s something that has left many scratching their head. So we thought of finding the easiest way to exit the 3D mode without losing any of your unsaved works. Read along.

How to Enter 3D Mode in Photoshop?

First things first, you need to enter into the 3D mode before you think of exiting. So come, let’s find out how to enter into the 3D mode. 

  • First, open Photoshop and select Window. 
  • Under the Window tab, select 3D and click on Create.
  • You can modify the 3D effects as per your liking and choose from different options in Create Now. 
  • Now that 3D mode is enabled you can adjust the light settings, or edit the text or graphics as per your need. You can also a layer to it by selecting the add New 3D layer option.

Once you’ve entered into the 3D mode in Photoshop, the fun starts. You can create plenty of renderings with it and design anything in 3D built on top of the 2D layer. Once you’re done with it, you have to save your work and exit the 3D mode. This is where most people tend to find it hard and many lose their hours of hard work due to reset in the workspace. All you need to do is follow these simple basic steps and you can easily exit the 3D mode without losing any work. 

How to Exit 3D mode in Photoshop? 

  • First, go to the top right section where you should see an option as ‘3D’ or ‘Essentials’.
  • If the option says 3D you should click on it to switch to the Essentials mode. 
  • If that step doesn’t work and instead it shows Essentials, you should first click on the Essentials and switch it to 3D. Then you can switch it back to Essentials. This will get your job done. 

Exiting the 3D mode in Photoshop isn’t that hard. It’s just that sometimes instead of the option 3D switch to Essentials you’re left with Essentials even though you are in 3D mode. In case of this just follow the aforementioned steps that we mentioned and you’d be good to go. Always remember to save your workspace and files before entering or exiting the 3D mode as you may lose the files and edits. 

You can also opt to enter or exit the 3D mode by using the default presets in Photoshop. In this, all you have to do is enable and display the panels that you want to use. And then reset back once the work is done. But with this option, you may lose the workspace as the reset is done. So it’s better to abide by the steps that we’ve mentioned above to keep your work safe.