Hp 3 Long Beeps 4 Short Beeps

Hp 3 Long Beeps 4 Short Beeps

Hp 3 Long Beeps 4 Short Beeps

It is pretty normal for your computer to make beeps while starting up the system. These beeps are an indication of the happenings within the BIOS setup. You should let the process continue for the BIOS to load up so that you can run your system properly. However, if these beeps persist and in turn cause the system to crash or not open properly, then that may be a warning of some faulty mechanism. 

One such instance is 3 long beeps and 4 short beeps that often occur in the Hp systems. We here look at what that means and find the amicable solution for it. 

What do 3 long beeps and 4 short beeps mean?

As per Hp’s system utility, the indication of these beeps are: 

  1. 3 long beeps mean unable to start flashing. This occurs generally when the system is missing a utility or a BIOS image.
  2. 4 short beeps indicate flashing failed. This occurs when there’s a checksum error or corrupted image in the system. 

These beeps tend to indicate the faults in the system and warn you to solve them to maintain the smooth operation of the system.

What do to when there are 3 long beeps and 4 short beeps?

As we talked about above, this may indicate a faulty hardware mechanism or corruption in the BIOS image. You can solve it by:

  • Reset the BIOS image
  • Most of the time, these beeps occur due to an error in the BIOS image. You can start the BIOS and then reset it to defaults. Save the settings and restart your system. It will work for you. You can also download a clean BIOS from HP’s support utility and install it instead of resetting the BIOS.
  • Check the BIOS battery
  • Not many people take care of the BIOS battery. But it is quite important for your system. Look for the BIOS battery and see if it has 3V min or not. You can replace the battery and the error will subdue.
  • Check your hardware
  • Sometimes, these beeps persist due to hardware errors. Take a look at your hardware and check the components like cooling areas, memory DIMM, hard drive cable, or motherboard. Faulty hardware can also cause the system to make these beeps.