AidaForm Online Form Builder – A Complete Review

AidaForm Online Form Builder

Do you want to collect data for market research? Are you trying to generate leads for your business to conduct email marketing? Would you like to create a contact or feedback form for your business website?

AidaForm Online Form Builder

To do any of that you need to be able to build online forms that enable you to gather responses from people. Online forms are built using HTML, CSS, and PHP code – but if you don’t have experience in them there is another option: AidaForm.

Simple and Intuitive Graphical Form Builder

In a nutshell AidaForm is a user-friendly form builder with a graphical interface that will let you construct online forms of all shapes and sizes. Using it is as simple as dragging and dropping building blocks with the types of fields that you want to add into place.

At no point will you have to write or edit any code directly, and yet you’ll have full control over the structure of your form – and more.

Smart Themes That Control the Appearance

Within AidaForm you’ll find a selection of smart themes that you can apply to alter the appearance of your online form. Each theme has its own specific style, and you can customize it further in terms of the fonts and colors that it uses.

If you do change a font or color, AidaForm will automatically apply that change throughout your online form so that it remains consistent. On top of that you can add images to your forms as well – or add your business logo to it. Nowadays It is going to be very difficult to completely do away with CAPTCHA. You can bypass captcha if you want. 

Wide Selection of Different Types of Fields

As mentioned previously you can add various types of fields to your form, and the selection that is available in AidaForm is certainly staggering. Some of the types of fields that you’ll be able to add include lists, radio buttons, text fields, and more.

In fact AidaForm has other types of fields as well that are more specialized. For example you can use CAPTCHA fields for verification, add Paypal fields to process payments, include Google Maps fields to select locations, and even add an option to upload files.

Final Words

Make no mistake there are lots of other features in AidaForm, but that should cover the highlights. By the time you’re done building the form it can be exported via the embed code by the HTML form generator or as a direct link.

In short AidaForm will let you build online forms easily. The forms that you create with it will be mobile-friendly and have a responsive design, making them perfect for any business. Considering it is free, you should definitely try it out and see how it can help you build any type of online form that your business requires.