Add Second Hard Drive to Hp Pavilion Desktop

Add Second Hard Drive to Hp Pavilion Desktop

Add Second Hard Drive to Hp Pavilion Desktop

Hp’s Pavilion series desktop are well equipped with options for upgrade and adding a new hard drive is one such option allowed to the user. This ensures that you get higher storage and better performance from your system without having to shed a lot of money. Here’s how you can do it. 

How to Add a Second Hard Drive to Hp Pavilion Desktop?

Here’s a step by step compilation of the process so that it’s easy for you:

Step 1: Buy a Compatible Hard Drive

  • The first step would be to buy a compatible internal hard drive that can fit into your Hp Pavilion desktop. Look for the SATA hard drive as these will go hand in hand with your motherboard.

Step 2: Turn off your Computer and Open your CPU

  • The next step would be to switch off your system before proceeding to open the casing of your CPU. It’s pretty easy to open the casing of your CPU. All you need is a screwdriver and it will be done.

Step 3: Place the Internal Hard Drive into the Casing

  • Once you’ve opened the casing of your CPU, you can place your hard drive inside it. Find the cage that is designed to hold the hard drive. There you can place this new second hard drive just below or above the first hard drive. 

Step 4: Connect the Cables

  • Next up connect the cables on the hard drive to the motherboard. Look to place the SATA connector of your hard drive to the available slot on the motherboard. Make sure to plug it in tightly to secure the cable and ensure the right connectivity.

Step 5: Start your System and Configure the Hard Drive

  • Finally, once the placing is done, close the case and then start your system. Then go to the settings and open the Disk Management Window. There click on the Initialize Disk option and follow the configuration process.  Your second hard drive is now ready to use.