Cable Heat Shrink: Factors to Consider Before Buying at

Cable Heat Shrink: Factors to Consider Before Buying at

Cable Heat Shrink: Factors to Consider Before Buying at

A heat shrink tubing kit should be in every house. You never know when any electrical connection at home will need your help. And there’s not always enough time to go to Home Depot. Choosing heat shrink tubes might require some time if you’re a beginner, but it’s OK.

There are great online shops like that offer a wrap of every size and color (which are connected, actually). Check out some heat shrink tubing on to see the range the service offers!

If you’re not sure about the things to consider when choosing wire shrink wrap, we can help you!

How to Choose Proper Heat Shrink Tubing

Cable heat shrink is one of the most strong and durable connections you can find. If you have all the needed sizes and a strong adhesive inside, the connection will last for ages. Now, let’s see how to choose the best kit.

  • Choose a proper inner diameter.
    A proper diameter is the one your wire has plus 20-30% for easy application. You’ll have to slide the cables into the tube, and it has to be convenient. You will have to feel when the wire gets the proper position. Sometimes, there are also deformations on cables, especially if they’re old. And the tube has to cover all of that.
  • Choose a shrinkage ratio.
    Before you buy a set, find out its shrinkage ratio. It’s the rate of the diameter of the tube before and after heat is applied. There are 1.2 to 1, 1.5 to 1, and other ratios. A large shrinkage ratio is very suitable for connectors, as it will envelop both the larger connector part and the smaller wire. It’s recommended to use a tube that is no more than 40% larger than the smallest part of the wire you’ll be encasing.
  • Choose the proper length.
    When shrinking, the tube also becomes shorter by 5-7%. Consider this when choosing the length of your clear, white, or colored heat shrink wraps. The tube should cover the whole naked wire plus a part of the insulation.
  • Choose wall thickness.
    Depending on the climate and temperature in the building or outside, depending on the application, choose thicker or thinner recovered tubing walls. This will make sure you get a secure, damage-proof connection.
  • Choose a decent online shop.
    Go online and type “best heat shrink tubing shop near me”, and you’ll see all the physical stores lined, according to your location. But how about the times when they don’t work? In such a case, go to WirefyShop and make use of the range the shop presents.

If you want to make sure every inch of your electrical connections is secure, you need proper heat shrink tubing. Determine the application, environment, needed length, thickness, and other factors before buying. Then, find a shop where you can get a high-quality kit without a problem.

Choose reliable stores like Harbor Freight, Lowes, or WirefyShop!