Activ8Me Webmail – Step by Step Guide for Activ8Me

Activ8Me Webmail

Activ8me is one of the telecommunications providers in Australia that provides the best affordable plans for both individuals and businesses. They also provide email services with their plans. If you have acquired the email usage from their plans then they will give you an email account with the extension for your personal or business usage. You can use this to get emails from your clients. Also, activ8 webmail will give you small cloud storage where you can host the emails you receive. Also, the emails you receive can be viewed from anywhere online. You just need to login into your account to view the emails.

Steps to login active8me webmail:

Activ8Me Webmail

Important Note: Since the domain name of activ8me doesn’t have the word ‘me’ in it, few people think that activ8 is the correct word for the webmail. But in reality, the activ8me is the correct word. 

Below I have explained how to login to your account through the web. You can also register if you don’t have the email facility already. You can also reset the password if you have forgotten your old password.

  1. Open your browser (Any browser with an internet connection will do).
  2. Go to the URL -> Login
  3. Once you go to the URL you will be asked the username and the password. If you have already subscribed to any one of the plans then you will the username and password, which you can use to login into the email inbox.
  4. If you don’t have the account then you have to purchase any of the activ8me plans to start the account.
  5. For registering you need to give in some of the details they require and they will send an OTP or a confirmation email to the email account you have given.
  6. If you have forgotten the password then there are options to recover it.
  7. You have input the email ID that you have used to register the account. If you have entered the correct email id then you will be given a confirmation code to that email account.
  8. If you like an OTP to the phone number then you have that option also.

The above are the steps to log in to the activ8me email account. You can not only use the browser but also the email clients to login to your account.

Pros of webmail:

This webmail has a lot of pros. They are listed below.

  1. You can access your email from anywhere if you have an internet connection.
  2. Easy and quick to access using any browser.
  3. Can be accessed from multiple devices at once.


  1. Anybody can access your email id if they have the password.
  2. Hacker attacks are normal on the webmail. You need to use two-step security to safeguard your account from hackers.

Ways to access your activ8me webmail:

There are different types of ways to access your activ8me webmail. The main positive in using the webmail is its best accessibility. You can access the webmail directly by using the browser or you can access it by using the client application. Here we have discussed in detail the client applications that you can use and the ways to use them.

Before jumping in to learn about the email client application, you need to learn about the protocols that are used with the client applications. Basically, there are two types of protocols. They are IMAP and the POP3. 

IMAP protocol lets you download a copy of all your emails in the client and work on them. Features like reading, edit, a copy can be done on the emails and it will be passed on to the original emails saved on the server only if saved or instructed to do so. Else these changes are only local.

POP3 protocol simply downloads all the emails that come into your mailbox and then erase them permanently.

The most used client applications for this webmail  are mentioned below:

  1. Windows Mail
  2. Outlook 2010
  3. Outlook 2013
  4. Mac Mail
  5. Android Mobile Mail
  6. Thunderbird Mail
  7. Apple Mail (iPhone and iPad)

The above-mentioned apps are the best email clients that are used by many people as their trusted email clients to view, store or delete their emails. Let’s see how to set up them in your account so that so that you can enjoy using this webmail too.

Windows Mail Setup (Applies to Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013) 

If your computer is running windows then the Windows mail will be there by default. Even if it is not you can download it from the windows store.

  1. After downloading it open the Windows mail. 
  2. In the sidebar, you will see aa option Accounts.
  3. Click on accounts and tap on Add account.
  4. There you need to click to Advanced Setup.
  5. Then you will be asked to enter the credentials that were given to you when you create the account.
  6. In the next step enter the mail server configurations and save the settings.
  7. Make sure to specify the type of protocol needed. Either IMAP or POP3. IMAP is highly recommended if you don’t know what you are doing.
  8. Now you can access the inbox. 

Thunderbird Mail Setup (Open source client)

If you are crazy about open source applications and would like to use a safe and secure client for handling your emails then you definitely have to try this Thunderbird email client. Here let me list out the steps to add your email account to the Thunderbird email client.

  1. Download and install the Thunderbird email client. Thunderbird is a cross-compatible application that can be installed in any operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux, and also Android.
  2. After installing, run the Thunderbird application. Then click on the New Account button.
  3. Now the wizard will appear which will ask you for some details like credentials and username.
  4. After entering the email id with the username and password, you will be logged in to the inbox of the email id.
  5. Just like the above client make sure to select the type of protocol you would like to have. Either IMAP or POP3.
  6. Now in the email server settings add the server name and set the incoming port number as 110 and outgoing port number as 587.
  7. After entering all the setting details click on the re-test button and test whether the authentication works well.

Note: You might receive a warning that you are giving out complete rights to our servers to access the email and it’s fine. You need not worry, your data is completely safe. So hit okay and proceed.

You can also send a test mail and check how it works. This is by far the most used open-source email client of all time.

Using Gmail client in android

Like the other clients, you can also use the Gmail client to access your activ8me emails from the mobile phone anywhere. It’s not required to be your mobile, it can be any mobile that has an internet connection. Also, make sure to select IMAP protocol. If you choose, POP3 then you might not be able to access your emails on a different device.

  1. Download the Gmail app in your android mobile application.
  2. Now click on settings and go to add an account. You will be now prompted to add an email account.
  3. Now click on add custom account.
  4. You will be prompted to enter the account details. Give your username and password in the required columns.
  5. If you have enabled two-step verification for your account then you have to verify it to give access to the client to handle the email.
  6. Just like the above clients you have to choose the protocol among the two protocols. Make sure to know the advantages and disadvantages of both the protocols before selecting one.
  7. When asked, provide the default port for POP3 with SSL as 110 and IMPA with SSL as 993.
  8. After these settings, the next page will have options such as Email arrival notification, Sync emails, Automatic downloads, etc. You can choose one which you like based upon the requirements.

Thus using the above three methods you can set up your activ8me mail with the email clients in different operating systems also.

Few words about Activ8me company:

The activ8me company was started in the year 2005 with a goal to provide communication facility to all the Australia including the rural regions. They wanted to give the power of speed internet to all the parts of Australia which are still rural. It is important to note that this Activ8me company is the first one to bring Satellite VoIP service into Australia for the first time.

This Activ8Me company has launched a satellite known as nbn satellite services that provide the internet to public people. But it’s not free, just for commercial purposes. In the year 2020, they have achieved a high number of connection count up to 35 thousand connections.  

So there are the important things that you need to know about the activ8me webmail login services. If you have any more doubts then feel free to contact us through comments. We will be happy to help.