4 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Employees Happy


Managing a team of people is a challenging job, especially if you’re trying to run a company as a business owner as well. What with so many different personalities within your team, and trying to keep up productivity, it can be hard to find the right balance to keep everyone happy. While you might not be able to please everyone all the time, it is important that you do everything you can to keep your employees happy and satisfied at work for the following four reasons.

  • Turnover

The last thing you want as an employer is to find yourself having to hire new staff members every six months. If you notice this pattern, you must address the issues immediately. It could be due to poor recruitment strategies, or more likely that your employees are not happy in the workplace. It could be due to a toxic working environment, poor salary for the job, or a lack of progression and training opportunities. If you think you have a problem with a high turnover of staff in your company, use employee surveys like the ones offered by inpulse.com to get some useful feedback that will help you address the issue.

  • Productivity

If you want to keep seeing results from your employees you need to keep them motivated at work. If your staff are dissatisfied with their jobs their productivity will decrease over time, and this usually happens before they seek employment elsewhere. Furthermore, if your employees do not feel respected and appreciated by you, then, in turn, they will not respect you as their manager or company leader. This could also contribute to a lack of productivity as they may not be willing to work hard for you.

  • Reputation

Your professional reputation is important, whether you’re working in a managerial role or as a business owner. It’s not just about what your customers and clients think of you, either. Your employees can do a lot to create your reputation, and depending on how you treat them at work will determine whether you get a positive or negative one. You don’t want to be known for treating staff poorly, as you will lose respect from other professionals in the industry, and eventually, people will stop applying for positions with your company. 

  • Office Morale

If your employees are unhappy, that negativity will begin to spread to others in the office. This could lead to disputes between colleagues and an HR nightmare. It’s important to keep the morale positive in the workplace, and treating your employees with respect and providing the necessary support for them is essential to achieving this. Consider how you can help encourage a better working environment by using reward schemes, treating them to catered lunches once a month, or some other fun things that can brighten up their working week.

You can’t run a company without a strong team of people helping you. Make sure you’re showing your appreciation and treating your employees with the respect they deserve, otherwise you might be facing difficult issues like the ones mentioned above.