Important Web Design Factors to Keep in Mind

Web Design

The design of the website must do justice to the content. For an initial orientation, you can familiarize yourself with the sites belonging to the competition and also consider ready-made themes. However, it is important that you design your website with the help of a reputable Atlanta web design service. While there are templates that you can find on the Internet they only offer limited customization options that do not usually make the website look professional.

Web Design

A Formal Corporate Design

To match the page with your corporate design, it is not enough to adjust the colors accordingly and upload the logo. Rather, it is about the recognition value of the company. The pages of large companies can serve as an example here: The Apple website works with small animations and micro-interactions. The design is kept clean and in contrasting colors. The page looks simple until the user moves over individual elements or scrolls down further. The animations focus on the essentials.

Fun Design

It doesn’t have to be the largest CMS for small pages. Simple designs are often much more meaningful than cluttered pages. It is important that you can use the website well and adapt it to current developments. This is how you create an environment in which web design is fun .

Ideal for all devices

In order for a website to be displayed perfectly on a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet, the website must be responsive. If it is not, the content on the screen is visually skewed and has a drastic effect on usability. For example, if a website is not optimized for smartphone screens, you will lose numerous users.

Central Elements

In addition to these central elements, other aspects such as longer IPS with a clear process play a role in web design. If you do not understand what that means, you are not alone in this and you can be sure: you do not have to understand it either, there are professionals for that at Atlanta web design. At the web agency, you will find experts who are familiar with the subject and pass their knowledge on to companies.

There are a number of factors that differentiate a good website from a bad one. It is often the small things that make the difference. Good web design is in the details. The seven most important factors include:


User-friendliness is essential to keep users on the website. For this, users have to achieve their goals quickly and satisfactorily. If the usability is high, users of a website usually do not even notice it. But if it is bad, they jump off.


Web accessibility exists when users can move around online without restrictions and regardless of their ability to move, see, hear, or be able to process information. This also includes accessible company websites. Therefore, make sure to prepare your content accordingly in order to give everyone with and without physical and cognitive impairments the opportunity to find their way around. If you are ready to get the best Atlanta web design, it is best to contact us now.