What Are Printed Circuit Boards Used For? 

blue and black Arduino Mega circuit board

blue and black Arduino Mega circuit board

In our modern world, in which so many devices are smart and electricity is running throughout everything that we are doing, no doubt printed circuit boards or PCBs play a central role in all of this in so many ways. Whether you are thinking of getting into designing them for yourself or you are working for one of these industries, knowing about this field can be highly useful in so many different ways. It could be that you just have a simple enough interest in the field of electronics. So, let’s examine just a few of the main uses of printed circuit boards that are currently out there. 


Consumer Electronics 

If you think of the devices that are used by people daily, these have increasingly started to creep into the world of consumer electronics in so many different ways. When consumer electronics are being discussed, PCBs are often playing a central role in ensuring that they are operating correctly and in the way that they should be. Just think of the smartphone that you reach for many times a day, the refrigerator that keeps your food cold, and the microwave that warms it up. In more recent times, any devices that end up being connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) also make use of printed circuit boards in one way or another.

Automotive Industry 

Beyond the consumer electronics that have just been discussed in the section just above this one, there are plenty of used for printed circuit boards in the world of cars. It tends to be the modern cars that end up being the most reliant on printed circuit boards, which are built using PCB design software. This, again, tells us more about the creeping encroachment of PCBs and how they are having a bigger and bigger impact on the modern world as a whole. They are used in many of the smart elements of a modern car that assist with the safety and the overall driving experience as a whole. Just think of all of the parking sensors that stop you from smashing into other vehicles by mistake, the audio and visual systems that are becoming more and more advanced in modern vehicles, and the fuel management systems that tell you when you need to top up and how efficient you are currently being while driving. 

Medical Devices 

The medical world is one in which change can often happen at a racing pace. As such, this has meant that printed circuit boards are playing a more and more prominent role in all that is going on here, making sure that the advancements that are being made are helping to detect and treat a wider range of injuries and ailments than ever before. Some of the main systems that make use of printed circuit boards include CAT scanners, as well as monitors for vitals, such as blood pressure. Plus, there are fitted devices, such as pacemakers, that will also use PCBs for the core of their functioning. 


The LED lights that are now being used everywhere, thanks to how much more energy efficient they are than their traditional counterparts, also make use of printed circuit boards. Ultimately, they help out when it comes to transferring heat away from the bulb, which would otherwise shorten the lifespan of an LED light. As you can see, once again, PCBs are playing a bigger and bigger role in our modern world and all of the different elements that are directly involved in it. 

Aerospace Tech 

There has been a growing resurgence in the news regarding aerospace tech, and printed circuit boards also have their role to play within it as well. They are designed to be able to withstand the huge amount of turbulence that is naturally involved with any journey into space. Without them, space travel would be much more difficult.

Industrial Equipment 

There is also more and more industrial equipment that is now making the most of printed circuit boards, which can have a major impact on how these devices are all functioning. 

There you have just a few of the ways in which printed circuit boards are having a bigger and bigger impact on the world as a whole. Ultimately, while you may not be able to see them directly, there is no doubt that their presence can be felt throughout all that is going on –  particularly as we move towards a world that is altogether ‘smarter’ than the one before.