Ways Technology Puts You In Danger On The Road


Tech moves at the speed of light, and the auto industry has not escaped the changes.  The newest vehicles come equipped with all sorts of gadgets and fancy tech tools that simply put older cars to shame.  The benefits of the technology, however, are equally met with risk.

Automated driving systems make way for distracted driving, and mobile devices aren’t going out of style anytime soon.  Check out a few ways in which technology is a double-edged sword when you’re out on the roads.

Texting and driving is a constant problem

No matter where you go, there are people who have cell phones.  There are also always people who refuse to refrain from texting and driving.  Most places in the U.S. even have specific laws against the operation of a mobile device while driving.  

Though information campaigns have helped to educate the general public over the past decade, there are still large numbers of auto accidents resulting in injury due to drivers texting.  Don’t be the person who learns their lesson the hard way.  Put your phone down while driving, and pull over if you need to use it.  

Autonomous driving features

Lane assist, blind spot monitoring, rearview cameras, and other pieces of technology in your vehicle can cause a sense of complacency that is dangerous.  These tools are meant to simply “assist” drivers, not do the job for them.

Heavy reliance on your vehicle’s technology can put you and your passengers in unnecessary danger.  The best way to avoid becoming too dependant upon your vehicle’s technology is to simply stay alert at all times.  

Interactive dashboard components

There’s a lot more to today’s vehicle dashboards than there ever was a couple of decades ago.  The distraction of drivers can easily be related to the intricacy of their vehicle’s dash controls.  

Some vehicles can even play movies and videos in the middle console, which seems like it should be an illegal capability.  The best way to avoid being over distracted by the controls in your vehicle is to take the time to figure them all out while you’re parked.  

Various mobile devices in the car

When you and your travel party have a million and one different mobile devices in the vehicle, there’s a large chance the environment in the cab could get a bit distracting.  YouTube videos and laughing in the back seat, while your passenger is showing a picture of their cat makes it really hard to be a safe driver.

Limit the use of tech toys while you’re in the vehicle, and make the road a little safer for everyone.  There is something to be gained from unplugging for a bit.