Top Smart Appliances For Your New Home 

Top Smart Appliances For Your New Home 

Living in the age of sustainability, upgrading the features inside of your home to more efficient models just seems like the best thing to do.  If you’re investing in your new home (whether it’s new-to-you or brand new), you want to know that you’ve got the very best features and appliances possible.  

Top Smart Appliances For Your New Home 

As with every situation, research can do a lot of good for providing guidance on your next steps.  Take a quick peek at a few of the year’s most highly rated devices and appliances, and start making decisions for your new place today.  

Samsung’s App Fridge

When you have a SMART refrigerator, you expect it to be awesome.  The Samsung App Fridge delivered on the expectation of excellent with some pretty mind-blowing convenience boosts.  This fridge does things you never knew your fridge needed to do.  

The App Fridge lets you take pictures of what’s in your fridge, so you can make a grocery list.  It helps search for good recipes at dinner time.  The Samsung App fridge can also check the weather, give you daily news, and let you listen to your favorite Pandora stations while you’re in the kitchen.   

Nest Thermostat 

Saving energy at home is one of the most lucrative and sustainable things you can do.  A Nest Thermostat will give you a better sense of control over your home’s energy usage, and help extend the lifetime of your HVAC unit at the same time.  

It’s a given that you will need a professional service your HVAC unit once a year, but installing a smart thermostat will help make that visit a much smoother experience.  

LG Thinq

The LG THINQ line gives birth to several different top notch home appliances that can all be linked to a central control hub.  You’ll have complete control of your devices, and those devices will run your household with stellar efficiency.  The LG Smart Grid can even tell your washer when the best time of day to run will be, so you use the least amount of energy during the process.  

LG Smart Oven

Among the players in LG’s THINQ line is the ThinQ Electric Single Over Range with Infrared Grill.  You’ve never cooked on such a capable stove top.  

With the ThinQ oven, you can start dinner even when you’re not at home.  It’s all remote capable, to craft a cooking experience you may not even be able to imagine.  LG put technology to work with this range, and it shows.  

LG Hom-Bot

Robot vacuums aren’t a new idea in smart home technology.  However, LG took the robot vacuum to the next level with the Hom-Bot.  

The LG Hom-Bot has eye-mapping technology that allows the bot to map out your home.  It takes the mapping, and the Hom-Bot uses the information to calculate the most efficient cleaning route.