Right Way to Use Reference Books for Class 10 Mathematics

Right Way to Use Reference Books for Class 10 Mathematics

Right Way to Use Reference Books for Class 10 MathematicsMathematics is a subject that requires a lot of practice by nature. No matter how thorough you are with your formulae, working out and being fast in it and precise is equally important. Math is said to have multiple reference books, there is no fixed number of problems one has to work on when it comes to mathematics. The more you work out the better exposure you have to the concept. 

Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. CBSE has prepared NCERT Books for class 10 students which covers all the topics and that are required from an exam point of view. The NCERT books also have an additional set of problems called the exemplar problems which are advanced and more conceptual helping students to get a different perspective of a concept they are already familiar with. 

The CBSE Board prescribes a selected list of books that they have published for practicing as well. These books can be helpful as well. Here is a list below.

  1. Mathematics – Textbook for Class X by NCERT Publication 
  2. Mathematics Exemplar Problems for Class X by NCERT Publishers
  3. Guidelines for Mathematics Laboratory in Schools for Class X by CBSE Publications is also recommended
  4. Laboratory Manual – Mathematics the secondary stage by NCERT Publication 

These books are specifically recommended as they are published by the CBSE board itself however, the toppers of the exam suggest a different set of books along with the above-mentioned list of books. 

  1. Mathematics for Class 10 written by R.D Sharma is one of the major preferences.
  2. Secondary School Mathematics RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 10 is also suggested. 
  3. All in One Mathematics by Arihant Publishers can also be used 

How to pick the right book for preparation

Despite being suggested multiple books by various authors also remember that you need to skim through the book before you pick it up as your personal choice. Here is a list of things you need to look for in the book you want to take for preparing for exams

  1. Easy and Understandable: The language of a Math book is essential so that the student can understand the concept. The examples and problems should also be relatable and adhere to the syllabus. Certain books tend to provide extra information in the name of giving exposure to the concept. This should be avoided as a reference book needs to provide only the required information 

 2. Concise content should be provided: The books that are to be used as references should be articulate and concise. The multiple axioms, formulae, and concepts that are taught in the 10th grade should be given concisely for the benefit of the student. 

 3. Essential Diagrams: The diagrams and illustrations used in the book should be clear as well. Graphs, diagrams, and tables are an important part of a good mathematics book so that the student understands the fluency of the concept. 

These are just quick pointers for you to look upon before you pick the book for you. Preparing in the right way is also essential for Class 10 exams. Make sure you go through the syllabus and compare it with the exam pattern. The distribution of the marks and the allotment of marls to each of the concepts will give the student a clear idea as to where they should give more attention. 

Solving all the questions given in the NCERT Book comes in handy concerning exams. Following this will help you to finish the majority of your work. The Textbooks for CBSE Boards are deemed to be standard and having exemplar problems also makes them important. These books are said to be conceptually strong and vast as well which will help the student with a deeper preparation. 

Making your basics strong is highly valued when it comes to mathematics. A subject like mathematics not only tests your newly learned concepts but your entire arithmetic skill. This is equivalent to testing the math skill you’ve got since you began studying math. So making sure you are well versed in the basic concepts and working out all the problems entirely without skipping steps will be useful for you. 

Understand the theorems, derivations, and formulae even if they might seem overwhelming. Mathematics theory contains only theorems, derivations, and formulae which one has to memorize and apply. This will get you more marks. It is also important to know where to apply which formula because multiple methods are used which you can alcove your problems. 

Prepare flashcards for all the quick review content in the subject like formulae, theorems, and derivations. This will be super helpful in your last-minute preparation. Study well for the fundamental parts of the paper so that it becomes easy for you too. 

When it comes to Math, the stepwise checking method is helpful. So cross-check your paper. It will help you to verify your answers as well. Focus on the methods you use to solve each of the problems so that practice becomes easy. The same questions can have different steps to be followed to arrive at the final answer, make sure you are clear with what the question paper wants from you. Do not avoid the steps involved in the problems. They will gain you marks as well. 

Mathematics is a subject that works well with practice alone. There is no such thing as enough practice when it comes to Math. You will have to put in the effort and time to practice and spend time consistently. Consistency takes you a long way in mathematics. So, make sure you brace yourself for a neat regular work schedule and routine. You the right kind of books and also studying with your fellow students who aspire to score well can motivate you to learn and understand. Acing a math test will become easy as well. Revise even if you finish well in advance with the portions. It will help you to keep the concepts in retained mind as well.