How to get free Microsoft Word on Mac ?


If you want Microsoft Word on your Mac and that also free Microsoft word for mac then things are very simple and you will not have any issue, there are some good options & some bad ones. If you are working with text based documents, MS Word is pretty much the standard. But with the use of software you’ll usually either have to buy it outright or sign up to a subscription. Make sure that this is one of the best ways to get free Microsoft word for Mac, and this will help you save some money and that is very important that you read the complete article and that will give you complete information on this subject which will help you save on some money in time of crisis completely and that is the best part about it.

So, is there any way to get MS office free on your Mac? 

Technically yes, but you might be better off with an alternative instead.

Whether you are using a Windows 10 PC or Mac and you want free Microsoft word for Mac and you can use MS Office for free in a web browser. The web based versions of Office are simplified &it is not work offline but they still offers powerful editing experience. You can open and create Word, Excel PowerPoint documents right in your browser and this will help you with free Microsoft word for Mac.

When you cannot find a good option, it is best to settle with It gives you free MS Office for is Microsoft’s basic and free browser based service.

You can also drag & drop a file from your computer onto the page. It will be uploaded to your Microsoft account free One Drive storage & you can open it in the associated application.

Have you tried MS Office Online?


If your needs are simple then the free online version of MS Word is the best option and that also you can get free Microsoft word for Mac. You will need to create free Microsoft account, but after that you will have access to a stripped-down version of word processor that supports the Word document formatting &you can create, edit& save new or existing files. If you want the free Microsoft word for Mac, then keep reading and you will surely find some options which will get a smile on your face and make you happy and you cannot ask for anything more and that is the best part about it.

The one major restriction is Word Online, as the name suggests, is only available via your browser when you have a internet connection. It is not going to be something you will use for heavyweight documents but for resumes, smaller projects, letters, reports &other basic documents it could well be a very useful tool. So when something is free then you will need to adjust with a few things and that is always there so make sure that you keep this in mind and look for solutions which can help you to get the job done and that helps you in a simple way.

MS Office web applications have some limitations. These applications are not quite as full featured as the classic Office desktop applications for Windows and Mac, & you can not access them offline. But they do offer surprisingly powerful MS Office applications, and they are completely free. So do not wait any longer go in fro free Microsoft word for Mac, and that will really help you to get things done in the right way and make the process much easier and you will not have any issue and that you can enjoy on your computer.

Free alternatives to Microsoft Word


Unless you specifically need MS Word, you will find that there are plenty of great word processors out there that won’t cost you a penny.

Google Docs

Google Docs is web-based software is free & easy to use. You won’t find magnificent advanced features like those of full-blown MS Word but for most people it is all they will ever need.

LibreOffice Writer:

LibreOffice Writer is another one that is always endowment checking out. The open source software is completely free and yet offers a complete solution for those who want the functionality of Microsoft Word.

Yes, it is not quite the smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience of its inspiration but you can get so much done.