Climate Change: 3 Ways Your Business Should be Helping 

Climate Change: 3 Ways Your Business Should be Helping 

There are several excellent reasons why your business really should be doing something to help climate change. If for nothing at all, it’s a smart move for long-term sustainability and, let’s face it, customers these days really love companies that care about the environment.

Climate Change: 3 Ways Your Business Should be Helping 

Reusable straws, thrift clothing, recycled building materials, carbon capture, and direct air capture – all hands are on deck; so how do you help? Here are 3 tips for your business. 

Sustainable Practices

Really committing to sustainable practices is how you’ll not only help save the planet but also save some money and make your brand look good.

There are many many ways for your business to practice sustainability. For example: 

  • Check where you’re wasting electrical energy and swap out old bulbs for maybe motion-sensor lights, use energy-efficient gadgets, and talk to energy companies about getting some solar panels or wind turbines
  • Set up recycling bins and make sure everyone knows what goes where, opt for reusable gear as much as possible, and rethink product packaging where applicable

So, say a manufacturing company installs solar panels on its facility, reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources, cutting costs, and even eventually scoring a green certification.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Yes, it’s entirely possible to make it so that your supply chain is not just about products but is also about doing good for the planet.

How? You could:

  • Make a checklist for suppliers that includes prioritizing things like low carbon footprint and have very regular check-ups to see if suppliers are sticking to the green plan
  • Source materials from suppliers who treat workers right and care about the planet, be open about where your products come from, and team up with industry colleagues to set ethical sourcing standards
  • Support suppliers with high green standards with resources and public endorsement or acknowledgment 

Community Engagement

One of the best ways to really help is by going big on community engagement because often it means inspiring your community and recruiting them to join the movement as well as having your brand be top of mind.  

Here are some good ways to start: 

  • Team up with local schools and share some key infographics on climate change, sponsor awareness campaigns, and maybe even give out some scholarships for promising green students
  • Team up with local environmental champions for projects that make a difference, throw joint events or campaigns, and sponsor community happenings that match your initiatives 
  • Have your team volunteer for local green groups, host company days where everyone pitches in for the environment, and reward employees who are very committed and proactive

For example, a tech company partners with a local school for a “Green Tech” program that’s all about giving resources and insight that ultimately means that students better understand sustainable technology. 

Having your business support help out with climate change means many good things – for you and likely everyone else. Try out these tips!