Best in real estate tech: September 2015


There are various things that are introduced in a month’s time to help the real estate industry develop and grow. So many things are brought into this industry just so that the industry could flourish a bit more than it has already did. A person who is working in this industry should know all about it and should be well aware about everything. Also the people who do not have any connection to the industry but have to buy a house soon should keep an eye on these new innovations and inventions and they should also have all the information about it because that will help them to choose the house efficiently and without no pain and tension.

There are various things that keep changing in the real estate industry and various new things that keep coming in this industry. These new things are hit sometimes and sometimes they fail to make an impression on the people. The ones that are successful in the industry are generally extremely useful and they have some aspects that has never been introduced in the industry before this and that is the reason why they are so successful and loved in the industry and by the people.

These applications and new things generally get in a lot of difference on how the industry works. Here are some of the applications that have created havoc in the real estate industry and have contributed a lot towards making the industry more efficient:

    1. Real estate portal websites: Real estate portal websites though introduced a lot ago have changed the way they work. They have become more efficient and useful due to the various new features that have been added in them. Now you don’t only get to browse, sell, buy or rent properties online but you can also look for specific type of properties like serviced apartments, bungalows, villas, luxurious flats by clicking on whichever type of property you want to choose. Moreover these websites also provide you with all the information about the loans and loan schemes and all of that. They also provide you with am EMI calculator which calculates how much you can spend on the house with your salary and other details. Hence these websites have become bigger and better and have created an urge amongst people to use them when they are searching for properties.
    2. Mobile applications: For people who do not find it comfortable to browse for properties on their laptop or desktop use these mobile applications to look for properties. The mobile applications are a mini version of the websites and they are equally efficient when it comes to house hunting. The house hunting activity has never been this easy and fun ever before. The person who uses the application gets updates from the application almost every day and then when he has free time he can browse for houses from where he is. He doesn’t have to necessarily log into the website from his laptop to look for properties and projects.


  1. EMI calculator: the Emi calculator is the new trend in real estate which helps you to know exactly how much money can you afford to spend on the property in Bangalore. The EMI calculator will requires you to put some of your details and when you are done it will tell you how much money can you spend on a house which will easily be afforded by you and which will not put you in a financial turmoil.

Think wisely and take your decision wisely using all these trending things in the market.