Role of Mathematics in Technology Development


In the modern world, Mathematics is almost used in all the profession. It improves the living standards of every person. A role of mathematics has improved undoubtedly because every man is increasingly dependent on the applications of science and technology in our day to day activities. Technology is the combination of all the ideas and science concepts that makes our life bit easier.

Following Maths and Science correctly leads to the advancement of technology in a much better way. Software engineers use mathematics in their professional life. Advanced maths knowledge is essential for writing a new programming language and algorithms for the extension of new technologies. To come up with useful tools, programmers use efficient algorithms using recursive functions and combinatorics to reduce time and space complexity. 

Mathematics plays a crucial role in the expansion of science and technology. Mathematics is a tool that converts theoretical things into practical ones. The technology uses predictions and descriptions to create devices and systems for use. Mathematics is all around us. Right from the morning, we get up, by seeing the time on a watch, managing the money, getting scores in the class exams, mathematics matters. With the help of tools and machines, real-world problems are solved in a matter of seconds in many situations.

A good programmer should have the necessary knowledge of some mathematical concepts like Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Cryptography etc. Standard arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, the division is almost used in all the program. Algebra is used to solve the problems that many computer programmers will confront.

Mathematics is used in more superior areas like digital imaging technology, semi-conductor devices, nanotechnology, rockets, satellites etc. It uses advanced mathematical concepts like calculus, partial and ordinary differential equations, trigonometry, integrations etc. In the hands of the engineer, mathematics is a tool that makes everything possible to build a qualitative and numerical model. It allows taking decisions efficiently and reliably.

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