Taking Charge : Essential Characteristics of a Successful Project Manager


Project management is a leadership position in which a professional supervises a main task for an organization. As the person in charge, you look over a group of employees, listen to ideas, craft concepts and keep people on schedule. To succeed in this role, you should consider the following characteristics.

1. Practice the 2 C’s

Calm and confidence are key qualities in a manager. Colleagues look to you for guidance, reading your emotions and evaluating your decisions. No matter what you do and even during the most stressful of times, it’s essential to keep a level head. Be transparent with workers that you may have a tough assignment. Acknowledge when something doesn’t go right. It’s okay even to admit you’re wrong. Just choose to do these things without anger.

Indecisiveness may dissuade people from trusting your choices. When you move forward with projects or make specific determinations, show assurance, not arrogance. For instance, in part design project management,  you might devise a new something to serve a purpose for a company. When working with the team, have faith that what you’ve designed will work and is going to sell.

2. Focus on Teamwork

Solid managers understand that one person may not be able to tackle everything. Accept that fact, and be prepared to work together. It starts at the top by showing trust in those in your group. Be ready to understand each contributor’s best traits and delegate roles based on these strengths.

Discuss together how everything is going, remaining open to suggestions. While you are in charge and make the final decision, you should acknowledge everyone’s roles.

3. Share a Growth Mindset

Limiting yourself could prevent progress. In the business world, profits usually continue to prosper when the workforce is eager to learn and push forward. A fixed mindset, in which someone is happy with the present, isn’t beneficial; instead, a growth mindset encourages hard work and persistence. Employees want to do more; they want to learn more.

As a manager, show your support team that you haven’t stopped gathering knowledge. Continue to take classes or try out new project ideas. Testing the water of new concepts is simply a way to see if something may work for your establishment. It shows you’re willing to test the waters and that you are eager to expand your horizons.

Project management isn’t about double-checks or holding hands. In this position, you have the chance to take the lead, assisting the company to do better and go further.