Boosting the efficiency of business process management and workflow management


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While making more and more information accessible to employees should be a top priority for all businesses, the significant amount of productivity and compliance improvements can be achieved by leveraging the capabilities of workflow management in ECM solutions. It ensures that employees follow defined processes and the processes get executed in an efficient manner. 

If there is an effective workflow system in place, you can:

  • Be notified when the materials have been modified or edited
  • Ensure that the important documentation is approved and reviewed by the appropriate individuals before it is published

Here’s an example for use of workflow management – invoice processing

Have a look at the invoice processing procedure. The workflow state options in an invoice can be configured as received, waiting for approval, approved, rejected and paid in full. Administrators can define who can have access and move the document from one department to the other. Only a manager can approve the invoices or an accountant can move the object into the paid in full state. The automation software can manage and adjust the specific workflows and notify via email during the stages of the workflow that they are associated with.

In addition, the invoices can be located and viewed by any of the associated metadata properties. Invoices can be organized and displayed by the customer, by month, by the workflow state or by any other attribute defined by the company in the metadata structure for invoices.

Business process management for non-document objects

Business processes are not always document-centric. You can also leverage the workflow capabilities for objects that are not associated with documents like projects, inventory management, and maintenance tasks and so on. In a project management environment, you can prevent project managers from moving the project in the deployment phase if there was no risk assessment conducted for the project. 

With the help of the software, you can specify the project team member roles as properties within the project metadata card and assign task as workflows for each team member which might include task deadlines for each phase, rules for initiating assignments once the project milestones has been achieved or for disseminating specific documentation to project team members once the milestones are completed. is a platform that offers various features like the no-code drag and drop feature; it eliminates tedious and manual ways of working while capturing valuable data and gaining visibility. The software can also help in improving the service quality by creating easy-to-use self-service tools for users. You can check this out at