Top 5 Sure-Fire Tips and Tricks When Playing the Rust Game


 If you’ve never tested the level of your survival instinct, Rust Game is your starting point. It’s a game that tests your patience, love for life, and sense of adventure. You must do all it takes to feed, survive and win. Also, you’ll have to avoid death, by all means, to protect your treasures in the game. Yes! Once you die, you lose everything. So, Rust can be trying and annoying but fun. 

So, if you’re up for the adventure and adrenaline rush, check our sure-fire tips and trick to play Rust. Also, you can make things a bit easier by investing in proven Rust cheats from Battlelog. If you combine the resources in the official site with what you’ll find below, Rust will be your playing ground. 

Sure-fire Tips and Tricks for Rust 


  • Cook during the day

If you want to survive and keep your items safe, don’t attract opportunistic players to yourself. Also, make sure to be watchful all the time, especially when cooking. Food is important to stay healthy and alive in Rust. But you don’t have to die in the process. Therefore, always cook your meals during the day. That’s the only way to see an enemy coming at you. Don’t ever cook at night unless you need the grim reaper to take you. 

Once you lit a fire to cook at night, you’ve automatically invited them to the party. They’ll come and loot your resources and  

  • Hide Treasures in Bases

Every player needs his or her items to survive in Rust. So as you gather them, you must also store them away from other players. Some people bury their items underground but can’t locate them when they respawn. Some players also take the wooden box to store their items. But there’s a problem with that too. As quickly as you can locate the box, so will players find it too. 

So, instead of that, build multiple small huts and hide your goods in them. You can use one as your main camp while the other invisible ones become the haven for your resources. One thing to ensure is that your main base must not be the “starter beach”; many players choose it. Instead, choose a place that resources abound. 

  • Strategize your respawning 

One good way to ensure a good respawn point is by creating your sleeping bag early. The truth is that death is inevitable in Rust. So one of the ways to land back at the right place is to place your sleeping bag where you want before death. 

To craft the bag, you’ll need 30 cloths and 30 seconds tops. To get these cloths, you have three options. The first one is to gather Hemp Fiber; the second is to kill animals and harvest their skin, while the third is to recycle materials. 

Hemp fibers are available along riverbeds where there are lots of grasses. Collecting one grown plant will produce 10 cloth for you. To get animal skin, kill the animal, use the bone knife to destroy the carcass, or hit it with a stone. But the former is the best alternative. 

  • Target fruitful locations on the map

Rust Maps introduce players to a new world of hidden mysteries, dangers and gifts. You will need food, animals, scraps, and weapons as you try to survive the land. So, don’t wander off aimlessly without planning your stay. Make sure you only approach locations where you can find the items you need. 

For instance, if you’re interested in gathering a few days’ worths of food. We recommend you move to the riversides. Apart from the food, you will find Hemp in these areas as well. Also, if you want to find Scraps, target the oceans. These scraps are available in the monuments you see on the Rust map. So, be specific in your search to save time and achieve more. 

  • You can survive Rust radiation.

Rust players understand that radiation is a major threat in the game. The painful part is that most places where you can find the best items and resources are radioactive. But the good news is that you can survive the threat if you’re prepared. 

Take, for example, monuments come in two sizes, small and large. The large contains the finest things, but it is radioactive. So, the strategy is to steer clear at first until you have the protective gear against radiation. 

Other radioactive but productive places are abandoned sites. This site offers more goodies but can kill you with poisoning. So, make sure you have some high-tier weapons and armor to enter and come out safe. 


Rust tests you, and that’s okay. All you need is good preparation and some cheats to enjoy the game. We have dropped the top tips and tricks that can save your hide in the game. Apply them next time and conquer the Maps.