Local SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents


House hunting in one thing people do at least once in their lives. There are people who do it repeatedly as well. You search real estate for a variety of purposes. It can be for purchase or rental purposes. The best thing is that both the parties to the transaction such as buyer and seller need the help of real estate agents to seal the deal. This makes the job of the real estate agent an important one. Hence, it becomes imperative for real estate agents to be active on the local SEO market , For more ideas check out real estate marketing ideas. These tips will help them strengthen their presence. Citation websites like Tribe Local can help you in this regard.


  • Go mobile: There has been a sea change in the people browse the internet for information. The days of using the computers or the laptops are becoming extinct. You have alternate devices like tablets and mobile phones. They are more accessible. Statistics show that more than 75% of internet browsers search for information using their mobile phones. Hence, it is in the fitness of things that real estate agents have a strong and compelling mobile presence.


  • Have a presence in all directories: There is intense competition in all businesses today. Real estate is no exception. Hence, any real estate agent would love to have as much visibility as possible. The best way to achieve this objective is to have a presence in all local directories.
  • Claim your GMB listing: It can surprise you that 97% of internet browsers search for local businesses online. When you speak of search engines, the first one that comes to everyone’s mind is Google. Having a listing on the first page of Google is everyone’s dream. One of the easiest ways to have a presence on Google is to have a GMB listing. Claiming a GMB listing is beneficial to your local SEO campaign.


  • Maintain consistency of your citations: You need to have a presence in all local directories in your niche. Therefore, submitting accurate and consistent information is of paramount importance. Even a spelling error can throw the search engine bots off the track. You might just end up advertising someone else’s business. Your loss could be his gain.
  • Be different from the others: The key to success in local SEO is to be different from your competitors. There are many ways of being different. The ultimate objective is to attract the customer into patronizing your services. Hence, there is nothing wrong in going all out to entice him. Customers love to have a lot of amenities. Judge the pulse of the customer in your local areas and formulate plans accordingly.
  • Participate in local business events: There are real estate fairs almost in every city today. The main idea is to bring as many customers into the fold as possible. The customers see these fairs as an opportunity to compare various real estate projects in their locality. Participating in such fairs can do your local SEO a lot of good.


  • Have an informative website: Naturally, a website is a must for ranking high on the SERP. An attractive website can entice people to browse it thoroughly. An informative website can help convert these walk-in leads into business. When you present information, do so in the manner the customer likes them. You can include external links to such informational content so that the customer can verify the genuineness of this information.
  • Quality content is a stealer: People love to read quality content. Ensure that you have such content in your website, especially the services pages. Your FAQ pages of the website should be a treasure house of information for the visitor. It should contain information about financial assistance, tax benefits, and ancillary services connected to real estate. These are matters of interest to the customer. You can have quality internal links to your services pages.
  • Easily navigable: The customer should be able to access the deal from any page on the website. In other words, your website should be easily navigable. Inserting CTA options at vantage locations can help. You can also have chat options on every page. This will provide valuable guidance to your customer.


  • Social media engagement: Today, people are more active on social media. This is the right way to connect with people. Social media engagement will get you a higher reach. You will be able to reach a larger section of the audience thereby increasing your popularity. This is a nice way of sharing your opinions through blogs and articles.
  • Have interactive blogs: This is one of the best ways to engage your customer. Customers love to read blogs and post their reviews. They also love to interact with others through such blogs. This should be the perfect method of engaging with them. You have informative and engaging blogs on websites like Tribe Local.
  • Optimize your website: Reaching the top of the SERP is easy. Sustaining the prime position is tough. You should update the information on the website at regular intervals. Optimize your website to make it appealing to the younger generations. You will get your flow of web traffic thereby ensuring that you remain at the top of the SERPs.


Local SEO is a very important factor in the success of any business and real estate in particular. People love to read reviews and act accordingly. A good local SEO campaign can increase your visibility in the local market. This will prove beneficial to your ROI.