How to make Class 12 Accountancy Stress-Free

How to make Class 12 Accountancy Stress-Free

How to make Class 12 Accountancy Stress-FreeAccountancy refers to the processing of financial data that will portray and define results helping to formulate future economic plans. For every Commerce stream student accountancy is an important subject that molds them better to face challenges in the world markets industry. However, it has been found that students find accountancy as one of the toughest subjects among others present in the commerce curriculum. 

Why is accounting considered a tough subject?

There is nothing as a tough subject or easy subject, it is just the misconception that students create when they fail to understand the subject properly. Accountancy is one of the main subjects in the commerce stream. With the right amount of dedication and correct planning, one can easily score above 90% marks in their exam. Accountancy for Class 12 is directly linked with practical application of the theories which makes it a challenging task for students to accomplish but it is not an impossible task. To learn the intricate technicalities of accountancy every student must have a very solid base. 

Why should students do well in accountancy for class 12?

 Your Class 12 Board Exams results play a vital role in deciding your career goal. For grabbing a seat in a top-notch college of your choice you have to work hard in Class 12 and get outstanding marks and overall percentage in the Boards Exam. 

Over the decade’s accountancy has been used to keep a check on monetary activities. However, if we talk about the uses of accountancy in today’s world it has changed a lot. The current world is driven more towards being trade-oriented today where accountancy finds its uses in a wide range of professional fields such as tax accounting, auditing, the world of e-commerce, forensic accounting, and also in various other fields. Thus specialized development in accounting has emerged in industrial, economic, and technological fields.

Accountancy will offer you wider exposure to bright future career options for you having both excellent pay scale and job satisfaction due to rising demands for accountants.

Accountancy will get you closer to writing Common Proficiency Test(CPT) and bring you steps closer to becoming a professional Chartered Accountant(CA).

The pattern of Accountancy exam for Class 12 CBSE Board examination

  1. The CBSE accountancy question  paper is of total 100 marks
  • 80 marks – theory
  • 20 marks – practicals or project works

 2. The time allotted for answering theory is three hours

 3. The theory question paper consists of two parts

  • PART A – Compulsory questions for students to attend
  • PART B –  It has two options from analysis of Financial Statement and Computerized Accounting from here students can choose one as per their choice.

 4. Question type ranges from Objective type to short answers and long answers. Marks allotted for questions ranges from one to approx eight

 5. For project work, anyone among the following might be asked to be done. However, It can differ too.

  • preparation of bank reconciliation statement, collection of document or recording of transactions, preparation of trial balance, trading and balance sheets to be depicted using pie chart or bar graph

Important areas to focus in Accountancy for class 12

There are some chapters and topics that carry higher marks weightage than others and should be practiced well. They are as follows

  • Accounting for Debenture and Share Capital – approx 20 marks
  • Accounting for Partnership Firms – approx 30 marks
  • Accounting for Not-for-profit Organizations- approx 15 marks
  • Analysis of financial Statement-approx 12 marks
  • Cash Flow Statement – approx 8 marks

This doesn’t mean you will not focus on other topics and chapters. Give equal importance to every chapter present in your book, just shifting focus more towards the important topic that will surely come in the exam carrying more marks.

If you are a Class 12 Commerce Stream Student and find Accountancy difficult to cope up with. Here  are some tips you can follow to make this subject stress free for you

  • Students need to understand the entire Accounts syllabus and the above-mentioned unit-wise marks distribution properly. Prepare accordingly this will help you to plan out your revision easily
  • The planning of your study should be based on the syllabus present in your Class 12  NCERT Accountancy textbook that has been prescribed by the CBSE Board.
  • Students can also refer to the premium books such as DK Goel Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy that will help you achieve 100% marks target by clearing your concepts and will help to build keen knowledge for the subject. The book has solutions for all the questions mentioned in the DK Goel textbook which are designed by experts belonging to the field of commerce.
  • It is very important to first understand the logic behind definitions and reason them. The best way to memorize definitions is by reading them aloud or practicing writing them.
  • Developing a good idea about formulas by understanding the concept behind them will help you solve numerical problems easily. Instead of mugging up the formulas, you can jot down all the formulas on a piece of paper and stick them on your cupboard or wall above your study table. Having a look at them daily will also bring a lot of difference.
  • Practice drawing the formats of ledgers and balance sheets. For ledgers post all the entries respectively in their accounts rather than preparing them individually. In this way, there will be fewer chances of missing out on any entry or making any mistake.
  • Numericals are as important as theory. Accountancy requires accuracy. Avoid making silly mistakes in calculations. Practice calculations more and more from model test papers. Practicing will give you a good hold over all types of numerical problems that might prove to be time-saving during your exams.
  • Do not skip revision. Revisions will help you remember all the steps of the numerical and keywords of your topic that will provide you with good marks. Revising your text consistently will never land you in a stressful or confusing situation.
  • Never stress yourself with loads of work. Try to be sorted. Have a proper study timetable with timings allotted for studying different chapters in accountancy at particular timings and also have breaks or naps in between. Do not study in long stretches that will result in back pain or will make you feel bored.
  • Sample papers or previous year accountancy papers are a must. Practice mocks as many as you can. They will be very helpful for relieving your stress by making you confident over a topic. It will assure you of your preparation status.

Accountancy is indeed a challenging subject. The thing which is stressing you most is the fear of disappointment. Don’t let that pressure build on you. Keep yourself motivated and think positive.