You Don’t Need an Office with a Tech Startup


If you are planning a tech startup in the near future, we have some very good news for you. Due to the nature of your business, you create digital products and that means you can do without a traditional office. Most developers work from home or share workspace with other IT professionals and when you need to meet in person, choose a coffee shop that is centrally located.

Shared Workspace

One great way to acquire the resources that you need is to share an empty office with other tech startups. Club together and buy a selection of Danny’s Desks & Chairs at very affordable prices and the supplier will even assemble the furniture on site, something that is very rare these days. This really does slash your running costs, as rent and utilities are shared by all the users and if you have a meeting room that can be booked in advance, you can hold face to face meetings with your development team or potential clients. Shared offices allow small businesses to compete with larger companies and most startups do not have the budget for plush office space, which does cost a fortune. When you’ve made your first million, then you can think about relocating to Sydney CBD, but until then, office expenses should be minimal.

Working from Home

Thanks to VoIP platforms like Zoom and Skype, you can run your tech business from the comfort of your own home. Arrange daily virtual meetings with your team in the morning and afternoon and the money you save on office running costs will be significant. If you are already leasing office space, ask yourself whether or not you could do without it? In most cases, a tech company is involved in creating digital products and with developers working remotely, projects can be completed without having to meet in an office. Click here for tips on how to protect your online data.

Setting up a Home Office

Search online for office furniture and measure up that spare bedroom and kit the space out for your base. A nice CEO chair and an office desk is really all you need and you’ll get the best deals from the online office furniture supplier. Think of having breakfast rather than walking a few yards and you’re at your workstation! No more wasting time traveling and you can still connect with everyone on a virtual level.Don’t forget to ensure your comfort when setting up a home office to keep your productivity consistent. You could order a hydraulic chair or a neck pillow and have them custom-made for you like a personalized desk mat.

Cloud Networking 

If you haven’t migrated to the cloud, this is something to consider sooner rather than later; you can access your data from any location, including your home office. A few wireless routers around the house would give you unlimited access around your property and with a headset, you can freely communicate. This is the safest way to store your critical business data and your network is managed by IT professionals and should there ever be any issues, they have your back.

There’s never been a better time to launch a tech startup and the Australian government fully supports entrepreneurs in the tech sector and a new business needs all the help it can get.