Why Should You Use A Car Shipping Cost Calculator


Relocating a distance can be simplified by enlisting the services of an auto transport company for shipping your car to the new destination. In doing so, there’s no added wear and tear on the vehicle, gas is conserved, as is mileage, and there are significant savings on rest breaks and meals.

Many transport companies offer a method for estimating costs for shipping services, like the Roadrunner car transport calculator on their websites. The calculator is a tool that will collect data from the car owner to produce a cost estimate for shipping services.

The calculator will either provide the consumer with an instant quote or send details to the shipping representatives to then provide the client with the quote directly upon receiving it. The transport companies build these calculators into their websites for the clientele’s convenience.

The calculator requires basic information to produce the estimate, including vehicle details, shipping services needed, and preferred schedule. These are key things most companies will need to give a quote, but calculators for each business will vary, with some requiring some personal details like name, phone, and email.

Consider the benefits of using a car shipping calculator to give you a general idea of the costs of basic transport services.

Is A Car Shipping Calculator Beneficial 

The thing to remember with a car shipping calculator is that the quote provided estimates the services you’re considering for transporting your vehicle to a specific destination.

The benefit of a quote is it allows you to compare a few different carriers so you can select the most cost-efficient service plus, you can budget the car shipping costs into your moving plans to determine affordability. You might need to cut a few corners.

Consider some advantages when working with a car shipping calculator to assess the potential cost of transporting your vehicle when relocating.

·       The price points

Many variables affect the overall price point involved with shipping a vehicle. The car’s owner controls some factors while others are beyond their control. Deciding on a moving date and being somewhat flexible with that time frame can help reduce costs.

However, if the carrier driver needs to drive through extreme weather conditions in order to reach the destination, that can hinder the transport creating higher fees.

A car shipping calculator can help you determine a baseline estimate of the price point for transferring an auto from one location to another.

It’s critical to remember that these are cost estimations with the knowledge that a professional broker will reach out to discuss the transport in greater detail and provide a quote with greater accuracy than the tool’s preset capabilities.

·       Time-efficiency

Researching car shipping companies with the number available in the industry can be time-intensive. With an auto transport calculator, you can narrow the search considerably by comparing quotes to see which falls within your budget.

Quotes usually depend on the vehicle type, trip distance, whether the car is operable, the destination, and open/enclosed carrier. You can quickly browse a few websites to compare varied companies with the calculators providing rapid results.

While the quotes won’t be set in stone considering potential variables, the results are close enough that you can determine which company falls within the confines of your budget with the understanding that these are low-end estimations. Read the advantages of using car shipping calculators here.

·       The shipping representatives will reach out to you

In some cases, the calculator will send the quote to the car shipping representative, who will then reach out to you with the quote directly. That allows the opportunity to speak with a live person asking any questions or posing concerns you might have with the car shipping process.

The representative can take more detailed information, provide a quote with greater accuracy, and explain the variables that will affect the price point.

This will allow you to make adjustments to help save on costs, like being flexible with the schedule and perhaps choosing terminal-to-terminal delivery instead of door-to-door.

Final Thought


It’s always wise to obtain a quote before committing to any services. The access to a car shipping calculator gives car owners the benefit of getting that quote privately in their homes, opening up the opportunity to compare different auto transport companies to see which will better fit within their budgets.

It’s convenient, saves time and effort, is user-friendly and straightforward, and offers rapid results. The only caveat is that car owners need to recognize that the quote received is a rough approximation of car shipping services that could have variables that increase the price point.

You can do things as the car owner to keep costs on the lower end, like flexibility with scheduling, but some things are beyond anyone’s control, including extreme weather or an extended distance.

Each company’s website will have a unique calculator with different criteria it asks for—the more detailed the calculator and thorough your answers, the greater the quote’s accuracy.