Top 5 Apps for Legal Services and Lawyers



In today’s technologically driven world, people can navigate most aspects of their lives from their laptop, smart phone, and tablet. From ordering food and shopping, to booking a vacation online, technology and the internet have expanded we use and acquire info.

While we owe our gadgets a debt of gratitude for simplifying our lives, we should also be aware that they can supply us with a myriad of lawyer and legal apps too. Here are the top five apps for legal advice and lawyers.

Ask a Lawyer

Compatible with Android and Apple products, this free app offers laymen the chance to get amazing preliminary advice and information from personal injury attorneys and other types of legal professionals free of charge. Whether you have a question about an injury claim or need bankruptcy counseling, this app is a godsend for everyone who has ever had a question about the legal system.


This free web-based app ranked second place at the American Bar Association’s Hackcess to Justice legal hackathon. It helps folks who were severely affected by natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy. Besides legal advice and links to law professionals, Disastr also boasts a well of resources for those that need it most.


If you’re trying to find a lawyer, look no further than this free web app. Not only does LawZam help you find expert and seasoned law professionals in your town or city, but it also allows people with legal problems to post legal questions to real lawyers that will offer honest consultation with an initial free fee.

My Health Care Wishes Pro

This app, compatible with Android products, is handy for users that wish to store health care info and end-of-life care instructions on a phone as a PDF. It also offers a plethora of tips, tricks and advice for planning health care wishes. You can also utilize the app’s contact feature to store information on an unlimited number of people, health care powers of attorney, living wills, and more.


This efficient app, which is free for iPhone users, will quickly become your best friend when you are in need of a lawyer for a traffic violation or ticket. Simply upload an image of your ticket along with some basic information and quickly get lawyer bids until you pick the best one for you. The app is also great for lawyers who are looking to take on new clients.

Whether you need help fighting a traffic ticket or want to get immediate answers to a legal question, these apps can provide you with tons of resources and data for all of your legal needs.