The Biggest Tech Vulnerabilities in Business (& the Effective Solutions)



The rise of modern technologies has led to more flexible, productive, and creative businesses that have the power to reach large audiences in an instant. Despite providing countless advantages to companies of all sizes, the emergence of the internet and various devices has increased the number of threats businesses face daily.

For a brand to flourish, it must identify various potential obstacles to protect its finances, reputation, and longevity. Keep reading to learn about the biggest tech vulnerabilities in business and the most effective solutions.

Vulnerable IT Operations

Cybersecurity should be a top priority for every company. Hackers will not think twice about penetrating a network, stealing data, and holding a business to ransom. It doesn’t matter if you run an established organization or a budding startup; a cybercriminal will use various innovative techniques to gain access to your business-sensitive data. 

The Best Solution:

Don’t allow your business to fall vulnerable to cyberattacks. Safeguard your company’s operations, data, finances, and reputation by investing in managed IT services Los Angeles. It will remove the pressure of managing your technology in-house, and your network will be monitored 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Managed IT services in Los Angeles will provide peace of mind that your business can quickly respond to any network issue, from a cybersecurity attack to server downtime.

Relying on Vendors’ Cybersecurity Systems

As much as you might trust the quality of a vendor’s product and services, you shouldn’t place too much faith in their security systems. You must have full control of your company’s cybersecurity, or you will run the risk of an attack that could destroy your operations and reputation.

If you rely too much on a vendor’s security solutions and don’t secure sensitive data, it could pose a huge risk to your business. Even companies with excellent internal security are at risk of a data breach, which is why you must protect all business-critical documents and data.

The Best Solution:

Caution is key when sending data to vendors, and your team should only provide them with necessary information. Also, you must encrypt all emails and documents to ensure sensitive data cannot fall into the wrong hands. Last but by no means least, you must present each vendor with details of your company’s security expectations, which you should incorporate into all contracts.

A Failure to Share Cybersecurity Incidents and Information

Businesses of every size have a responsibility to share all cybersecurity incidents and any information they have, as it will strengthen IT networks and security solutions for everyone. If a company has information on software vulnerabilities, emerging threats, or innovative hacking techniques, it has a duty to report it. 

The Best Solution:

Individuals and businesses can report cybersecurity incidents to various organizations. For instance, you can report a cyberattack or internet crime to:

The Use of Old, Outdated Devices

Businesses must be mindful of the devices they use. You might not bat an eyelid when powering up an old PC or smartphone for work purposes, but it could make your company more vulnerable to a cyberattack. An old device is unlikely to have received security updates, which will make it easier for a hacker to enter a system and steal data. 

The Best Solution:

The best option is to continually update every device your company owns, even those that are gathering dust in a closet. Also, you may need to say goodbye to old technologies that pose a risk to their network and data.

Apple is one of few brands that provides security updates for many of its old devices, from the iPhone 5 upwards. However, many tech companies have failed to follow in the tech giant’s footsteps. If a PC, smartphone, tablet, or another device hasn’t received security updates for a long time, it is time to replace them with modern alternatives.

Human Error

Human error is the biggest risk to any business. It reportedly contributes to an incredible 95% of all data breaches. Innovative cybersecurity solutions can only protect your business so much. If an employee creates a weak password a hacker can guess, it is an open door in your company’s network.

Also, an employee could fall for a phishing scam that could lead to hacking, or social engineering could result in a team member unwittingly making a payment to a bank account under the control of a cybercriminal.

The Best Solution:

Cybersecurity education is the best defense against human error. The more your employees understand cyberattacks, techniques, and the consequences for the business and customer, the less likely they will fall for a scam. Also, they will be more cautious when opening emails, clicking links, downloading files, and sending money.

Companies must invest time and money into informative training programs to improve their employees’ understanding of phishing scams, social engineering tactics, cybersecurity solutions, best practices, and more.

Storing Business Data on Personal Devices

Many employees might not consider the consequences of accessing or storing corporate data on their personal devices. Unfortunately, once your business-critical data leaves the network unprotected, it is at risk of falling into a cybercriminal or direct competitor’s hands. 

The Best Solution:

As more people are working from home than ever before, businesses must safeguard all data across countless devices outside the company’s impenetrable network. For example, you must ensure all employees always use devices with virtual private networks to secure data. If possible, provide your team with encrypted laptops and VPNs to protect all accounts, information, and IPs. Also, discourage your team from using personal devices for work purposes.

The Risk of AI

Many forward-thinking companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to create innovative products and services. For example, AI is supporting driverless vehicles, robotics, healthcare technologies, speech and language recognition, and much more. 

As beneficial as AI is to businesses, it is likely cybercriminals will soon use the technology to execute more effective hacking campaigns. It is a matter of time until AI is used to support ransomware operations, malware attacks, and phishing scams, to name a few possible cyberattacks.

The Best Solution:

Cybersecurity investment is the best way to defend against AI cyberattacks. Hackers will use new technologies to refine their tactics and penetrate a network, and companies must invest in tech solutions to fight back. The right IT team, the best technologies, and routine monitoring will protect your business against a cyberattack, which is why you must view cybersecurity as a company priority.


Technology has transformed business for the better, but it has opened the door to various threats that could destroy a company’s hard work, finances, and reputation. For a business to thrive, it must find ways to eliminate all vulnerabilities to protect it from a cyberattack or data security breach. 

It starts with refining your IT solutions to shield your network and data around the clock. Also, you must never rely on third-party organizations to safeguard your sensitive information, and you must report any incidents to support cybersecurity innovation. 

Remember, small mistakes can cause major issues in business. You must provide every team member with cybersecurity training and avoid using outdated or personal devices that could expose your network and data. Also, don’t overlook the risk of emerging technologies, as the likes of AI could one day turn against your brand, and your company must be prepared for it.

If you follow the above advice, you could create an impenetrable network and effectively protect all data, allowing you to focus on growing your business.