Techniques Gamers Should Use When Solving Nonograms


Nonograms are pictorial puzzles that use logic to solve them. In this game, gamers must color the grid or leave them blank, depending on the numbers that will reveal the concealed picture. Nonograms are usually black and white in most cases, though sometimes they can be colored.

The puzzles are not limited regarding size and are not restricted to a specific type of layout. Solving nonograms can be a complicated affair, especially if you are not a pro. However, there are various techniques gamers can use when solving these puzzles. Below are some techniques gamers can use when solving nonograms.


This technique will show you the essence of empty spaces. A vast block may be pushed to one side by a force that exists in the space at the center of a row. Spaces also fill gaps that are too tiny to accommodate any block.


Closing complete boxes through separation are important as it makes solving the puzzle a simple process. Gamers should ensure they punctuate accurately as it is important in helping them solve the puzzle successfully.

Multiple Rows

Sometimes gamers don’t need contradictions to get to the next step since the process is made easier by applying logic to the different rows. However, finding both the sets and the contradiction is equally difficult.


Sometimes a box that is close to the border and the first clue are near each other. In such cases, the first clue is pushed from the border since it spreads all over the box. It should be noted that the technique can also work at the center of a row that is far from the border.


Its name is derived from how mercury gravitates towards the container. The initial cell becomes a space where the length of the box in the row and that of the first clue are of the same distance. 

The reason behind this is the fact that the left side of the box could not accommodate the first clue. This will mean that the first cell will have to be left behind since it would have to scatter throughout the box. 

Mathematical Approach

Gamers can use a mathematical approach when solving puzzles by filling in the blocks for columns and rows independent of a variety of columns and rows. This technique is considered a shortcut to the other techniques.

To get a positive head start at the beginning of the puzzle it is essential to use this method for every column and row. The technique also favors gamers when they play on a smaller scale. The clues and spaces can use this technique even if you’ve discovered some clues as long as the center has some spaces.

Multiple Solutions

Some puzzles have various solutions for solving them. In such puzzles, all puzzles don’t need to produce a meaningful picture, though all the solutions used are correct by default.

In-depth Recursion

When looking for contradictions, the gamer may have to go deep into the recursion when solving some puzzles. However, this requires more than a pen, since the gamer has to search for the possibilities available.


With the right techniques, solving nonograms can be a very awesome experience to indulge in. We hope that the techniques above will come in handy in your next gaming escapades as you solve the puzzles.