How Tuckpointing Contractors Can Revitalize Your Home’s Exterior



Typically, tuckpointing is done as a preventive measure before brick walls and masonry structures show signs of damage. It is also performed as a spot repair to keep water and storm damage from spreading.

Tuckpointing is a process that involves removing older mortar from between bricks and replacing it with fresh mortar. It also adds a fillet, which creates clean lines and gives the brick structure an overall refreshed look.


Tuckpointing contractors not only repair brick structures, but they can also enhance their aesthetics. Repairing and replacing mortar creates clean lines that can transform a home or commercial structure’s appearance. Tuckpointing is especially important in historic homes, and it’s used for chimney masonry, foundation restoration, and lintel repair. Besides stopping the progression of crumbling brick, tuckpointing protects building structures from dangerous water damage. Moisture that penetrates the walls causes structural damage and leads to mold, mildew, and rot. Insufficient moisture damage can lead to a collapsed or bulging wall. Regular tuckpointing stops the problem before it’s too late. A mason performing tuckpointing will grind out the old, crumbling mortar and add new mortar into the groove. They will match the mortar color to the existing brick. Then, they will add a strip of mortar that’s a different color, creating crisp and clean lines between bricks. The difference in mortar color provides a desirable visual element and increases the property’s overall value.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to enhancing your building’s curb appeal, tuckpointing can also increase its value. This is especially true if you plan to sell your property, as a well-maintained brick structure can add significant resale value to your home or business. Mortar degradation and deterioration over time can lead to leaks, rot, and mold growth in walls and chimneys. Tuckpointing repairs these problems by replacing old mortar with new material that matches the original application, ensuring optimal bonding and a cohesive visual appearance. In addition, masonry specialists consider historic preservation, accessibility in tight spaces or on high structures, and moisture control when performing this work. Brick tuckpointing can also improve the energy efficiency of your house by filling the gaps between bricks with fresh mortar. This prevents cold air from blowing in and warm air from escaping, so you can save on your energy costs. This is one of the most popular and profitable reasons for homeowners to hire a tuckpointing contractor.


In addition to aesthetics, tuckpointing enhances brick home walls’ durability. Over time, mortar joints can crack, crumble, or disintegrate due to excessive exposure to water and harsh weather conditions. If left unrepaired, these damaged mortar joints can lead to mold, mildew, and other severe damage to the interior masonry wall that could be pretty expensive to repair. However, if tuckpointing is performed as soon as you notice the mortar starting to deteriorate, these repairs can prevent further damage and save you money. Tuckpointing is similar to repointing in that both services involve removing and replacing the mortar between bricks. Still, tuckpointing adds contrasting putty lines (fillets) to create a crisp look. While repointing simply replaces the mortar with an identical color, tuckpointing creates a cleaner look that appeals to many homeowners. As a result, tuckpointing can increase the value of your home or business if you decide to sell it in the future.

Low Maintenance

When mortar starts to crumble, it stops doing its vital job of distributing the weight of a building’s bricks evenly. Tuckpointing or repointing removes old, damaged mortar and fills it with new mortar. This helps keep moisture from entering the brick facade, a massive problem in winter. However, this is not a task for amateurs. The mortar needs to be carefully installed, or the structural integrity of your building could be compromised. This is why tuckpointing should always be left to an experienced professional. A tuckpointing contractor will match the color of your existing mortar so that any gaps or cracks are seamlessly repaired. As a result, your building will look more beautiful and resist further moisture damage, avoiding costly repairs in the future. This also protects the integrity of your masonry structure and can add to the value of your property. As a bonus, tuckpointing creates a crisp appearance, contributing to higher curb appeal.