How to Boost Business Revenue with Guest WiFi

How to Boost Business Revenue with Guest WiFi

Have you considered giving guest wifi to help your business make more money? In this article, we will discuss how guest wifi may help you boost revenue and prospects with your existing customers. Guest wifi is more than just providing internet connection to your customers; it is also about improving the guest experience and growing your database, which can lead to greater revenue. Let’s look at how guest wifi can aid your business.

How to Boost Business Revenue with Guest WiFi

1. Make Your Customers Happy

When customers notice that you provide free internet, they are more inclined to stay longer. This is ideal for companies such as cafés, bookstores, and restaurants. The more time customers spend in your establishment, the more likely they are to make one or more transactions. 

2. Learn More About Your Customers

Guest wifi features advanced statistics to help you better understand your customers. You may notice trends in the times and days individuals come, as well as the amount of time they spend online. Using this information, you can target visitors with unique offers and encourage repeat visits. This allows you to adjust your offers to what your customers desire at the correct time, hence increasing your business’s revenue.

3. Having Consistent Branding

It is critical that when people utilize your wifi to access the internet, your company’s brand remains consistent and relatable. With guest wifi, you can personalize your wifi login splash page with your logo, custom colors, photographs, and messaging to match your brand. When it comes to customer loyalty, brand consistency is essential. 

4. Increase Your Business’s Visibility On Social Media

When customers use guest wifi with their social media accounts, your business gains visibility online. You can encourage guests to follow your company’s social media profiles, share photos, and even give reviews. This form of interaction raises your company’s public visibility, boosts its credibility, and attracts new customers.

5. Earn Money Using Advertisements

Guest wifi can display advertisements to users who log in. You can market a product, loyalty program, or event. This is an excellent approach to maximize each customer’s use of your guest wifi and increase consumer engagement.

6. Charge For High-Speed Access

Guest wifi allows you to give free wifi connectivity or charge visitors for high-speed internet. Charging for high-speed internet is advantageous for hotels, RV parks, boat marinas, and campgrounds that wish to charge tourists for high-speed access.

7. Find Out What Customers Think

You can utilize Guest wifi to get crucial customer feedback. When creating your guest wifi login splash page, you may include a link to a quick survey or ask for a review of their experience at your establishment. To improve customer engagement, consider offering a special promotion or other incentive.


While every business depends on customers, very few create a customer database. By compiling a database of email addresses, phone numbers, and birthdays, your company may communicate directly and encourage repeat business. This form of communication will help your company become more approachable and relatable. This also promotes customer loyalty.

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