Får Ikke Lån – Simple Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Loan


Loan application in this era of digitalization is very fast and easy. People tend to turn to it when there is an urgent need. But a lot of people still encounter rejection for one reason or the other. Therefore, this article will state some of those reasons for rejection and also give some tips that will allow your loan to be granted.

Reasons Why Loans Get Rejected

Although it is a practical and fast process, not every loan gets approval. The process is not always as smooth and beautiful as some may think. Sometimes some of the reasons why a credit union declines your application may not be very clear. Therefore, you will need to carefully go through the reasons outlined below.

Incomplete Requirements

Every financial institution or credit union has its requirements before a loan can be granted. When one of the requirements is not provided, then it is not approved. Getting your necessary documents available is a basic step that you must complete when applying.

Therefore, you will need to study the documents and the terms needed by the credit union before applying. This is to ensure that the process runs smoothly and saves you time. Also, it is to ensure that you get your funds in due time.

Poor Credit Record and Capability

This is not a determining factor for loan rejection but it is a contributing factor that many lenders pay attention to these days. A lot of financial institutions will access your credit history to be sure that you are creditworthy. If your credit score is poor in your past loan applications, then it could get rejected. Also, while checking your credit score, they will assess your ability to be able to repay the loan.

Improper Warranties

Applying for a loan that requires collateral, means you ought to ensure that the asset is worth more or equivalent to the amount you intend to borrow. You can click here to learn more about collateral. When it does not meet the standard of the institution, your loan could be declined. This applies to loans that are secured.

Failed Verification

Verification failure is another reason to take note of. Some of the things that could cause this could be missing numbers, misspelled names, wrong password input, and so on. Ensure you double-check your information before submitting it. Once they are submitted, they cannot easily be edited.

Data Falsification

When information filled in during the application is detected as fraud by your current lender, the loan will be rejected. It also hinders your chances of getting any loan from other financial institutions. So, ensure that the information filled in is accurate. You also do not need to worry about their security measure especially when you are applying with a trusted institution

Conditions of the Credit Union

There are certain conditions that some of these credit unions put in place that could cause rejection. Some may be stated in their terms, while some may not be stated. The ones that are stated are put in place to avoid extreme financial risk.

Identify the Cause of the Denial

You must find out why your loan application was not approved before you try applying again. The lender will be delighted to give you an explanation. Some may also give a hint on what to do so that when next you apply, you would not be faced with rejection.


A lot of times many individuals or business owners are not decisive on how much they need. They are unable to separate their wants from their needs. It eventually becomes that the amount they end up applying for becomes too much and their application is declined. Stating your priorities and how you will be able to repay the debt is what lenders want to know.


Every lender wants to be sure that there won’t be any complications in the future so they want to be certain that you understand the agreement of the loan. Therefore, as a borrower, try to understand all the logistics and find out if you will be able to abide by the conditions and terms. Find out about the APR, repayment fines, fees, and any other necessary information. When it is time for repayment, the union will not take ignorance as an excuse.

Underestimating Smaller Banks

Borrowers especially those who are borrowing for small business purposes tend to assume that it is only bigger banks that can offer the amount they require. Although that is true to an extent, these bigger banks tend not to invest in smaller businesses as well. On the other hand, smaller banks are more likely to give funds to small business owners as they provide them with favorable conditions that will help them repay with ease.

What to Do to Get your Loan Approved

Now that you know the reasons why you can’t get a loan, there are things you can do to ensure your loan is granted when you apply. You can visit https://www.uschamber.com/ for more info on how to apply for a loan. Below are tips that will increase your chances of getting your loan approved:

Read and Understand all Requirements

The need to go through the terms of the lender should not be underestimated. If what is stated is not clearly understood, seek clarity from a customer service agent. Another thing you can come across by reading the requirements is that you get to find out about certain benefits you can get from choosing a particular loan type.

Use Short-Term Strategies

There are certain actions that you will take that will affect positive results on your credit score. These actions can also result in your loan being approved. Some of those actions include using collateral, getting someone who will co-sign with you, trying out a new lender, and so on. Therefore, it is not compulsory you stick to one lender as other lenders may have better options.

Avoid Forging Your Data

Ensure that the information you fill in is valid, authentic, and can be referenced. Some of the basic information required is address, full name, email address, and phone number. Any other added information could be nominal income, next of kin, name of employer, and so on.

Incorporate Long-Term Strategies

To get approval there are some methods you can incorporate which could help in fixing the issue you might be having in your finances. If this is the case, you might need to consider making some deep changes to your financial profile over time to make it easier for you to borrow. Some of these changes are, increasing your income, paying down debts, etc.

Ensure Verification is Smooth

Make sure that when a survey is being carried out about the data provided, they will be able to easily verify its validity. If the process requires you take a picture, ensure the picture is clear enough. This will ensure that a blurred or unclear picture doesn’t become the reason your loan application is declined.

Borrow According to Your Income

Applying for an amount that is above your monthly income can affect your loan applications.  So, if you trenger penger (need money), make sure you don’t apply for a loan that’s above your income. The lender will assess your income against your loan application, and if it is more than what you can handle, your loan might be declined.

Improve Your Credit Score

Having a good credit score guarantees your loan approval. Your credit score is assessed by how frequently you repay your debts.  Also, your credit score gets even better when you have not defaulted in repaying a loan. Therefore, ensure you always repay your debts to avoid incurring fines which can drop your credit score.


A lot of loans that have been declined are usually the fault of the borrowers. Some of them tend to borrow money out of desperation and in the end, they find themselves in a fix. Ensure that you make inquiries about some additional charges that may apply to the loan you are looking for.

You also need to be aware of the interest rates as well. If the interest is too high, it is advisable to look for other alternatives to avoid repaying late. Furthermore, ensure that the money you want to borrow has a purpose. Lastly, work with a financial institution whose terms align with your specific needs.