Is It Worth The Repair Cost? The Truth About Repairs Versus Replacements

Is It Worth The Repair Cost? The Truth About Repairs Versus Replacements

Once upon a time, we repaired everything. Vacuums, radios, washing machines – these items were made to last and repairmen were just a call away. Today, we’ve ditched the notion of repairing many of these items, turning our attention instead to pricier and more important technology – our phones, computers, and other devices integral to our daily lives.

Unfortunately, many times the costs of these repairs borders the cost of the devices themselves, posing a conundrum for owners – to repair or to replace? Before you shell out either way, here’s a look at what major tech calls for repairs and what you can toss and replace.

Is It Worth The Repair Cost? The Truth About Repairs Versus Replacements

Team Repair

  1. Phones: Because we’re so attached to our phones, our first impulse when something goes wrong tends to be to replace the device. The truth, however, is that the cost of cellphone repairs, particularly for pricy iPhones, has plummeted.

    According to eTech Parts, the average cost of iPhone 6 repairs is only $179. With the 6s coming in at over $600 from the Apple store, repairing your old phone is a much more budget friendly choice.
  2. Professional tools: Whatever your trade, the technology that makes your work possible holds a lot of value. Doctors can’t afford to just pick up a new 3D imaging device to guide procedures, and dentists rely on standard tools like Bien Air handpieces that are ergonomically designed and offer greater patient comfort.

    It’s definitely better to repair these tools than shell out for replacement (but you should probably have backups tools that allow you to work while your tools are repaired).

Team Replace

  1. Computers: If you’re properly backing up all your computers and servers, replacing your computer shouldn’t be a big deal. And what’s more, the cost of repairing a computer and the cost of simply replacing one, means that the financial balance falls entirely towards replacement.

    PC repairs might cost about $350, but replacing that same PC likely will cost only about $500. Those costs, along with the average 4 year lifespan on these machines, means you likely have a replacement in your near future anyway.
  2. Add-ons: From monitors to speakers and separate CD/DVD readers, all of the little add-ons that go with a computer are better replaced than repaired. Most of these items have come down in price so much that any repair work will outprice a replacement.

Don’t Forget The Upgrades

If one of your devices breaks, don’t just straight to repairing or replacing it without checking with the manufacturer regarding your warranty or the possibility of upgrading your device at a lower rate. Upgrades are often available on phone plans. You may also be able to replace your device with a certified refurbished one for a reasonable price. Don’t break the bank dealing with broken technology – consider cost, importance, and device lifespan first.