Why Satellite TV Beats Cable Hands Down


Why Satellite TV Beats Cable Hands Down

Cable TV has for a long time dominated the home communications service market. The lack of competition amongst providers has resulted in poor customer services as well as higher prices for wanting services. These prices are set to continue rising if the situation remains unchanged.

The average American consumer already spends over $100 per month on internet and TV services alone. With poor services and slow broadband speeds, it is no wonder that 83% of TV service providers in a Consumer Report survey received the lowest ever recorded mark by consumers when it comes to value.

With the current status quo of in-home communication services, satellite TV providers (click here for an example) offer an interesting and beneficial alternative in the form of their satellite TV packages.

What makes satellite TV a better option?

  • Better quality

If you want better quality pictures and audio, then satellite TV is the way to go. Satellite TV transmits digital data using MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 compression. You’ve probably come across MPEG-4 in the streaming of high definition videos on phones and computers. It ensures crisp and clear pictures. This is the same technology used by satellites to ensure high quality viewing.

  • Greater choice

Satellite TV offers you the opportunity to explore hundreds of local and international channels. You get to select from over 300 channels. You therefore have a wider choice when it comes to programing. Satellite TV providers give you the option of selecting a package that best suits your needs. You can therefore limit your package to suit your needs and pocket.

  • Wider availability

One of the biggest problems when selecting a TV service provider is the availability of the services in your area. However, this is not an obstacle when considering satellite TV. Satellite TV is available everywhere. You can access it even in the most remote parts of the country. This means that even if you move across the country, you can still enjoy your favorite programs from your satellite TV provider.

An added advantage

Satellite TV providers are now taking their services to the next level with the option to bundle TV with internet and phone services. Bundling is proving to be quite popular amongst consumers.

  • Bundling allows you to enjoy high quality satellite TV alongside high speed internet and reliable phone services. You simply need to select service providers for internet and phone. Be sure to compare service providers in your area before subscribing to a specific bundle. Consider the speed of the internet that you need as well as the telephone package.
  • You can save a lot of money by bundling your services. Service providers often offer discounts on services that they bundle together. Compare the cost of the services and determine whether you’re getting a great deal or not. Be sure to read the fine print on offers and deals. Ensure that you understand the terms of service after the offer period comes to an end.

Combining high speed internet and satellite TV ensures that you have the best of both worlds. Check out DIRECTV + Internet deals in Houston for more information.