Why Elastos is attarcting so muc investor interest


Elastos is what has brought a new concept of Blockchain based smart web technology to the fore. Of course, Blockchain technology is one of the most secure and transparent mode of transactions. Elastos has been able to achieve what it has planned, thanks to the years of research that it has invested in. The China based cryptocurrency platform has made it possible and possibly the unique concept that it stands for has been able to bring it the attention that it’s been getting.

Elastos – An Overview of The Concept

Founded by the former Microsoft employee, Rong Chen, the firm wants make use of the Blockchain technology for a new age internet service. The team behind Elastos is building an operating system for the internet.

The concept is to create a network that would work across any device or platform. You will not need to install any files for having access to any application. The applications or decentralised apps will not be routed through the internet, but through Elastos Carrier which would form part of Elastos Smart Web network. And yes, there would never be any chance of data breach as well.

Elastos has recently sold over 6 million Elastos (ELA) coins in its presale and has been one of the highest rate of success for any cryptocurrency in recent times. What has caused this huge performance? Let us check out.

Why Elastos is Attracting So Much Investor interest?

Well, there are several reasons to the kind of the success that Elastos has been able to find for itself. China has always been on the forefront for the innovations in the arena of Blockchain technology.

It would explain the high rate of investor interest that the platform has been drawing. The investors have always been flocking for the Blockchain developments that originate from China. Then there is the support that Elastos has been able to garner for its unique presentation. It would be quite rare to find a crypto assets initiative getting so much backing from the giant institutions. The Foxcon Group, Tsinghua University and the TD-SCDMA Industrial Alliance are a few major institutions that have been supporting Elastos. That was something that has made investors view the initiative as reliable and trustworthy.

How can we forget Rong Chen, the most active and experienced founder of Elastos? The vision of Elastos was the result he gained though his experience as a senior software engineer with Microsoft has been what has now evolved into real world operating system that can run on virtual machines and makes the internet free of malware and hacking.

The Parting Thoughts

The project has been under development since 2000 before being launched. This should be a clear illustration to the amount of the research that gone into the concept and its development. Aimed at making the digital assets scalable and tradable – Elastos has been heading towards making property rights a way of life and protecting them.

The whitepaper shows the intentions of the ecosystem clearly and paves a way to make it a way of life in the real sense of the word. No wonder the people have been investing in the concept and we would indeed want to be one of them for obvious reasons.