What You Should Know About Free Templates

Shopify Has a Large Number of Great Themes Available For E-commerce Stores

Every e-commerce business, big or small, needs a website that acts as a portal for the business to connect with their customers. E-commerce is an fast growing field and new websites are launched almost every day.

A website template is a set of ready-made design files for building a website. The common practice these days is to use these templates to build the website. If there are any changes that need to be made, you can tweak it to suit your needs.

There are a variety of free e-commerce website building software that you can find online. But there’s a catch. Either they’re too simple or give you a trial of a few days. After that, you’re going to have to pay. Instead of that, using a free template is a cost effective option that can work wonders.

What Does A Template Have?

When you download a template, you’ll get a set of source files. These can be edited through the proper software. Most of the elements on a web template are created such that you can edit them easily. For example, the logo image, tag lines, button names, and various links on the homepage are aspects of a template that you can work on. 

Benefits Of Using Website Templates

Shopify Has a Large Number of Great Themes Available For E-commerce Stores


Cost Effective

Building a website from scratch can be pretty expensive, especially for small to medium size business. When starting out, it’s better to use the capital you have for just what you absolutely need. Don’t waste it on anything else. If you’re good with image editing and web development, try and save costs there. Otherwise, you can hire the necessary staff. You can use the money you save on a free template to pay a UX (User experience) designer, graphic designer, and a web developer.

You could search from the millions of free templates available and choose what suits your needs best. This way, the entire website building task is very cost effective.

Ease Of Use

The template you download comes with a set of files that you’ll use design your website. It’s easy to tweak it as you need. These templates are made with a structure that allows easy adjustment. For example, you’d want to change header texts, labels, page names, and categories. You can add or replace photos that are relevant to your business. You can rewrite text content in the spaces provided.

These templates are very user-friendly and even allow developers that have minimal design experience to understand and work with them. It takes no time to get look and feel you want. That’s with very minimal customization.

Tonnes Of Choices

When you hire a web designer, they’ll listen to your input and come up with options that you can choose from. This narrows down the choices when compared to the millions of options that you’ll find on websites that have templates for you.

Time Saving

When you design your website from scratch, there’s a lot of programming that you need to do. The structure and style have to be explicitly coded in. This way takes a lot more time when you compare it to modifying a readymade template.

Customized Website

Free web templates are posted on domains that are open to everyone. This means there are chances of another business using the same template that you’re using. But very rarely does this affect how unique your website is.

Once you download a template, there’s little chance that you’ll use it exactly the way you’re going to use it as it’s given to you. After you make changes to the content, replace pictures, and labels, it wouldn’t be similar to the original, and it wouldn’t be like any other website. A good developer can easily make top level changes like colour changes, font changes, and size changes. This makes it even more of a custom made job.

Hosting Your Website

Every website needs to be hosted on a server. It also needs a domain name subscription. These are the basics of a live and functional website. So, buy a suitable domain name and host it on a secure server. Some websites like Shopify act as both registrars and hosting servers. That can take a lot of effort off your hands.