What Are the Advantages of Radio Over IP ?


Right now, there are a lot of industries that are looking for ways to communicate with radio. At the same time, the internet is more important than it has ever been in the past. This has led to the growth of something called radio over IP, usually shortened to ROIP. This is similar to voice-over IP, which is abbreviated VOIP. What are some of the main advantages of using radio over IP as a communication tool?

The Institution of Redundancy

One of the main advantages of using radio over IP is redundancy. Redundancy is important because this reduces the chances of someone having their communications dropped. If there are redundant measures in place, there are always backup channels to pick up communications at the primary panel goes down. This is particularly important for police forces who are looking for ways to stay in contact with one another. If they are trying to keep track of one another in reference to an event that is taking place, they cannot afford to have their Communications drop out. Radio over IP has redundancy measures that reduce the chances of this taking place.


Longer Range

Another major advantage is access to a longer range. With internet tools, teams and individuals can stay in contact with one another over much longer distances. A few of the top options available include the X10DR, which is known for its versatility. Teams also need to access the right gateway, such as Vocality. If you invest in the right equipment, it will be much easier to communicate over vast distances.

Make Sure You Find Reliable Equipment

Ultimately, these are just a few of the biggest reasons why the internet is important in radio equipment. In particular, this is going to have a lot of important implications for the public sector moving forward. Anyone who is interested in keeping their communications reliable and redundant should make sure they explore the possibilities created by radio over IP.