Ways to Use Video Conferencing to Your Advantage as a Business



Business has changed a lot from the days where it could only be conducted face to face. Technology has been the most important contribution to consumerism that has ever happened. As the technology develops, more is able to be bought and sold over a much wider distance.

Gone are the days where an individual must physically go to the store to purchase whatever it is they’re in need of. With the click of a button and the typing in of a couple numbers, you can see most anything arrive at your doorstep just 5-10 business days later. 2 days, if you have Amazon Prime.

As much as it is an understatement to talk about how much technology has helped business owners, some feel like it’s a bit of a hinderance, but that’s probably only because they don’t know how to use it to it’s full advantage. For example, since the invention of technologies such as Skype, Facetime, and things of the like, it’s now possible to actually be “with” somebody and be able to see their face even if they’re 2,000 miles away.

This particular technology is very advantageous to a business, here’s why:

You Can Train Via Video

If you saw the movie Up in the Air with George Clooney, then you know where this is headed. The movie was basically about this man who lived his life literally up in the air, flying from destination to destination, firing people from their companies. He was the middle man that came in, gave a spiel, and the business itself didn’t have to be involved in the dirty work.

While you don’t want to use video the way that they used it in the movie, which was to eventually shorthand his job and fire people over a personal conference call, you get the idea in regards to training. Video training cuts out all of the middle man costs of flying somebody in, putting them up, paying for their food, and paying them for the work they’re doing in addition to all of the other expenses.

When you train via video, you not only save a lot of resources, you can then afford to have a lot more training, even one on one to cover whatever needs to be covered.

You Can Survey a Sight

For any business, being able to see the space you’re using for what it is is very important. When you send a guy to a job sight and he’s there surveying land or a building to make sure it’s up to code, he might need a second opinion on something. With video conferencing or just using Facetime, a boss can also see the sight without having to be there.

You Can Collaborate Easier

In business, there is a lot of B2B, or business to business dealing. Say you’re a call center. You need to have connections with another business to ensure that your own business can carry out business. The B2B connection in this case would likely be Cisco Distributors, because they handle basically everything technology related.

Collaboration can get messy, but when you use the technology that’s available in the world, like video conferencing to tighten communication lines, the business to business dealing becomes easy.

You Can Work From Anywhere

If you’re a business owner, video conference technology is especially lucrative for you because you’re the one calling the shots. If you don’t want to go into the office today, you can take care of business from anywhere. Maybe you’re in the Caribbean, but there is a problem at work that you need to see to solve. No problem, video is there to save the day. Once you make that call, you’re back to the beach, taking in the magnificent sun.

You Can Record What’s Being Said

With video conferencing, you can record everything that is happening and being said in a meeting. This is great for you to have due to simple liability. Everybody knows to watch their mouths and conduct business in a professional matter because everything is going on record thanks to the beauty that is video technology.

These are only a small amount of the uses for video conferencing for your business. Give it a go and see how well it does for you, or face missing out on some very helpful technology.