Using Technology To Help With Addiction Recovery


 Addiction is a tough habit to break. Even time in rehab, focus on recovery, therapy, and a supportive family can sometimes not be enough to help keep you from falling off the wagon. That is why it’s important to have as much help as you can get.

Some of the things that will help you most when it comes to recovery, aside from a supportive family, includes diet, fitness, and your technology devices. If you really want to take your addiction recovery to the next level, here are some things to do with your technology that will help immensely. 

Fitness And Diet

Smartphones are full of apps that you can potentially download and use. When you want to get focused on being healthier, which will help your body heal from the effects of addiction and give you something new to focus on, there are apps for that. Your diet and fitness routine can be important parts of your recovery.

Find apps that will motivate you to exercise and eat healthily. You can find fitness and diet tracker apps. These are great since you can add info to them from anywhere on your phone.

You may also want to invest in a fitness tracker wristband. These usually work with an app on your phone, but not only will they count calories burned and steps walked, they also often track your sleep as well. It is during your sleep that your body heals and works to give you energy for the next day, so it’s an important part of addiction recovery.


Technology can also help you with your spirituality, and having faith in something outside yourself can really help with addiction recovery. You don’t have to go to church in order to be spiritual, although some people can find that sort of thing helpful with the camaraderie found in their church family.

A couple great spiritual things to do to help with addiction and other mental issues are yoga and meditation. You can find yoga apps as well as lots of great yoga videos on YouTube. You can also find guided meditations on YouTube to help you relax, sleep, or dream a better life. 

Addiction Assistance 

Your smartphone is also your direct connection to recovery support, and that’s not even counting being able to call or text your sponsor. You can download apps that help with the twelve steps of recovery and that will let you know where meetings are even when you’re not near your own hometown.

You can also find groups through social media apps, which will allow you to find peers that are going through the same steps as you. Having peers can help make recovery so much easier. Plus, you’ll be helping them just as much as they are helping you.