Using Tech To Combat Personal and Societal Troubles


There’s a lot of potential in the tech world today to be able to use modern processing and techniques in a way that can help with personal and societal troubles. Human beings are necessarily flawed, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways that we can help ourselves be healthier on a personal and group basis. And, you can definitely use advances in technology to help with this cause.

For instance, you can think about things like opioid addiction, crime, mental health, and statistical analysis of search strings. Within each of those categories, there’s the availability of technology to help get to answers to hard-core problems that we are faced with on a daily basis all around the world.

Opioid Addiction

There is a tremendous amount of attention right now focused on opioid addiction in the United States. If people really want to get to the bottom of the problem, why not use technology to help? You could do things like create free, anonymous surveys to see what people are willing to volunteer. You can look up statistical analysis from healthcare facilities, assuming that data is anonymous enough not to break any laws. You can figure out how to have scientists work on vaccinations that might work for opioids. The possibilities are really endless. The point, though, is to utilize all aspects of modern technology to really get at the core root of why this is becoming such a crisis.


Then there’s the idea of crime in general. On a small scale, it’s almost impossible to tell larger trends in crime. It may be that robbery is the most likely crime in a certain area, or that drugs are a major crime in another area. But once you start using technology like artificial intelligence to process the idea of crime in itself, you will be amazed at what kinds of patterns start to emerge that law enforcement can use to their advantage.

Mental Health Analytics

The world is a dire place if the person has mental health issues. And if entire groups of people have these same types of issues, then you start having a gigantic problem. However, by using big data available through different formats, technology can begin to separate these patterns into usable chunks of intelligence. In other words, if you analyze enough mental health statistics, you should be able to see what small changes you can make to start chipping away at the larger problem.

Google Search Analysis

And finally, Google has a tremendous amount of data about what people search for. If you reverse engineer personal and societal issues, you can see what types of people are searching for answers to these topics. Moving from that point, you can begin to determine what kind of answers people are looking for, and what types of education would make the most sense in terms of putting it in front of them.