UpWays Technology Helps Us Find Our Way

UpWays Technology Helps Us Find Our Way

 It is apparent, that in our day to day lives, that sometimes we just need a little extra help finding our way around. Whether that be to Grandma’s house or to a rehabilitation center, the advances in technology have made it easier to get to where we need to go.

Let’s face it. Most of us just don’t have the extra time to stop and ask for directions. These days, we use internet browsers, GPS, and cell phones to navigate our way through life. Below, you’ll learn how each is handy in helping us read life’s maps

UpWays Technology Helps Us Find Our Way

Internet Browsers

 You’re on your way home and you’re running late, but you promised the wife you would take her out to a nice restaurant. However, when you said it, you didn’t have a particular one in mind. Now you’re rushed to find one you can make reservations with. There are apps that can help but you don’t own one.

So, you head to the internet and type into the browser, “fancy restaurants in my area.” Suddenly you have a list you can start calling and by the time you get home, the day is saved. This works for almost anything. You can search for anything from where to find the latest toy to where to check a loved one into rehab.


 The rarity if all rarities happened. You got hired for a new job on your birthday! Happy birthday to you, but you don’t quite know how to get there. You have been by a few time, but never mapped it in your head. Thanks again to the evolution of technology, you simply punch the address into your GPS and you are on your way.

Not only does it show you step by step directions to get there, it tells you how long it will take and shows you where you can get gas, stay a night in a hotel, or get something to eat along the way.

 Cell Phones

 Now cell phones have been around for awhile now, but their list of uses continues to grow. If you need to find a number, you can use the old fashioned 411 for information or you can use your phone to look up the number on the internet. If you are bored out of your mind, there are several hundred games you can download and play to pass the time.

Our cell phones are used to spread Amber Alerts and are connected to the Emergency Broadcast System. You can even chat through text and surf social media. All of this on one device! Not to mention all the different kinds of apps you can download to do all kinds of different things. The cell phone helps us navigate through almost anything.

In the end, technology has proved to be quite handy. Whatever tomorrow holds will be interesting to experience.