Top tips to make your next business presentation stand out


In today’s cut-throat commercial landscape, it’s more important than ever for companies to make an impact and reach out to clients in ever more inventive ways. While the rise of the web and tech has undoubtedly made client contact easier and helped firms expand into new markets, even in today’s connected society, few sales and marketing tools can rival delivering a killer sales presentation.

It is little coincidence the world’s biggest companies like Apple still use keynote events to announce new products and updates and delivering a spellbinding presentation is one sure-fire way to get front and center in the minds of your customers while also promoting your brand. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve your company’s sales conferences and presentations, read one for some top tips employed by the pros. 

Practice, practice, practice

It should go without saying but the old saying, ‘practice makes perfect’ is particularly relevant when it comes to public speaking. You should set aside time to learn your script inside out so that you’re 100% comfortable with its delivery to save on awkward pauses or stalls. Indeed, you should ideally know what you’re going to say so well that you can deliver it without notes – just in case the worst happens and your autocue fails or you somehow suffer a mishap with your script. 

Engage the audience early and show passion

Unfortunately, unless you’re remarkably gifted with public speaking skills, the first few moments when you take to the stage are likely when you’re going to be most nervous – however, they are also crucial for engaging your audience and capturing their attention. 

Even the most seasoned of presenters can feel hints of stage fright before they start their speech but one of the most effective ways to get over nerves is to try to start with a joke or a tale that your audience can relate to personally. 

By bridging gaps between you and your listeners, you’ll quickly gain their trust and respect and be able to command authority. 

Make your props as immersive as possible

The days of delivering staid slideshow presentations made in PowerPoint are long gone and today’s media-savvy audiences demand far more in terms of videos, animations, and other additional content. At the bare minimum, you should have some kind of big screen with media playing in the background that enhances and explains your message. 

It’s also worth noting different types of screens are better suited to different purposes so you should check the LED and LCD difference before choosing which one to use, based upon your content and where you’re presenting. 

Keep it simple

When delivering a presentation, it’s not uncommon for speakers to stray off the subject and detract from their overall message. As a general rule, most professional presenters suggest your core message should be able to be boiled down to just 15 words. While that clearly would make for a rather short presentation, always bear in mind when you’re writing your notes that if what you’re planning to say doesn’t contribute to the base subject, then there’s little point in saying it. You should always try and stay focused on what you want your audience to remember.