Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Cell Phone



Not everyone needs a cell phone that will plan their day out for them.  Some people enjoy the simpler things in life and prefer a more simple phone.  For an array of different reasons, every individual needs a phone that meets their specific needs.

The search for the perfect phone begins with discovery.  Discover personal preferences and daily necessities before choosing the most suitable cell phone.  Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect mobile phone.

Android versus Apple iOS

Android phones typically dominate in sales versus iOS systems.  Although Apple users are very loyal, iOS systems are not as easy to maneuver for most users as an Android system.  Apple requires users purchase to almost every perk of the phone in addition to the purchase price.  The company kind of makes their devices a bit more challenging for those who do not have much money to burn.

Android phones link automatically to the Google Play store and allow users to download and install endless free applications.  Gaming and entertainment are much more affordable with an Android phone.

Screen/display size

Decide what size screen is most fitting for the desired function of the phone.  If the phone is going to be used more for entertainment than anything else, then it may be good to purchase a device with a large display screen.  Larger displays are useful for elderly users or those with impaired vision as well.

Individuals with little use for their phone other than making calls do not require such a large display screen.  Smaller displays are typically cheaper and saving money is always fun.  If the screen has little practical purpose, save the money.

Choose the most well-suited carrier.

Choosing the right carrier is the key to excellent phone service.  Not all providers are well-suited for every region.  Take the time to research coverage areas, and choose the best-suited provider before ever selecting a particular mobile device.  Some carriers are only licensed to carry certain models of mobile phones.  For example, T-Mobile did not have the rights to provide service for iPhones until recently.  Subscribers had to choose an Android phone.

Decide what it needs to be capable of doing. 

Decide what the phone will be used to accomplish.  Some phones are more driven towards business design, while others are more focused on entertainment.  There are Windows phones that are useful for mobile office work, and Samsung’s Galaxy phones are some of the best for streaming and playing games.  Sometimes even a simple flip phone is all that is required.  Take time to evaluate the user’s particular needs before making a purchase to ensure a comfortable level of satisfaction.