Top Things to Avoid In Guest Blogging


Guest blogging has eventually grown into one of the few unavoidable facets of blogging especially that of off-page SEO. Though guest blogging is seen as a mode off building quality and natural backlinks primarily, there are some other aspects to it like promoting yourself as a pro in your niche, getting into alliance with others in and out of your niche and bettering your writing skills alongside improving your interpersonal (or social) skills. To be precise, guest blogging gives you many privileges and opportunities which only an unwise blogger can snub. If you are not one such bloggers, it is important for you to get acquainted with certain DON’Ts in guest blogging. Some (picked ones) of which are –

1.Copying Content: This can be described as one of the most unethical practices in blogging that can ultimately only land you into trouble, but fetch nothing. Resorting to plagiarism will not just drastically reduce blog’s PR but also contributes to your bad reputation, thereby affecting your credibility.

2.Not meeting the deadlines: It is obvious that on acceptance of your guest posting opportunity, your prospect will fix a deadline for submission of the post. Ensure timely submission of your guest post. It adds up to your professionalism. But bear in mind that timely content does not mean timely submission of low quality content. Quality matters in guest posts just as it matters in posts of your own blog.

3.Not reading the guidelines: Every blogger who accepts guest posts for his blogs cites some code of posting or guidelines to post in his/her blog. The first thing you should be doing is going through such guideline, access if you can abide by the set rules, and then make a post and pitch (as per the set norms) it to the blogger. This way you can increase manifold the chances of your post being accepted.

4.Just care for promotion: Guest posts must be written as though you are writing for your own blog. While it is obvious that guest posting is done for its promotional value, it must not be taken as a hardcore promotional tool. This will considerably change your mindset and reduces the quality of your content which would be ultimately promoting you and not add and real value to the reader. Rather, look at guest blogging as yet another way to share your knowledge with the world at large.

5. Being Impatient: Impatience, like it does in any other endeavor, may lead to n number of problems in guest blogging as well. It may make you be pushy in pitching your posts to bloggers, may mar the content you write, may make you give up quickly or may also degrade your relationships with other bloggers. Your impatience can also stop you from researching on your topics or even make you completely ignore the guest posting guidelines set by your prospect.

By following these obvious yet neglected tips, you can be sure of making the most out of guest blogging.