Top Technology Changes in Toys

Top Technology Changes in Toys

Toys have always been a treat for children and adults near and far. Play is a language that needs no interpretation. We have come a long way from wooden dolls and pixie sticks. Technology has had a major effect on almost everything we do during an average day. The toys we and our children play with have been affected quite a bit more in many cases. Here are a few toys that proclaim the anthem of technological advance.

Top Technology Changes in Toys



Lots of children dream of flying. Some want to fly like a bird, some in jets, and some kids and adults, dream of flying as high as outer space. With new advances in technology, the average joe can have fun with the mechanics of these simple machines. Flying toys are now one of the most popular commodities on the market. Paper airplanes are still awesome in a pinch, but no longer hold the interest of a child or the child at heart. Even kites have lost selling steam in recent years. Remote control helicopters, quadcopters, and airplanes now allow us to pretend we are flying among the clouds and, sometimes, the stars.


When have we not been enamoured with the thought of building our very own robot?! Since the days of Tik-tok from the novel, Ozma of Oz and Robby the Robot, from Forbidden Planet, to Ambush and Noisy Boy in the movie Real Steel and David in Prometheus, we have dreamt this technology into existence and have come a long way in its advancement.  Robot toys have been made accessible and just plain fun to build. There are usually several pieces and a few hours needed to build, but the end result is countless days of enjoyment and creative play, not to mention the lessons in teamwork and patience a child will learn while building with Mom or Dad and the feeling of accomplishment when the project is done.


It is apparent to most that reading the traditional book doesn’t hold the interest it used to. Unfortunately, not all children enjoy reading anyway. With technological advances that pretty much make any inconvenience convenient, we no longer need to put in the work we used to when sitting down to read a book. However, hi-tech books are now not only making reading a book easy, but fun. Remember the old pop-up book? Now there are augmented reality books. Where the picture no longer just pop up, but give you a 3D representation of the illustration.

Play time has always been one of the times children and adults look forward to the most. We highly value our rest and relaxation and playing is one of the ways we do that. Along with that playtime, we find more and more opportunities to learn, as well. Technology is  handing the world of toys to us on a silver platter, making it easier, cheaper, and more fun to play.