Top 5 Restaurants in Bengaluru to Savour Kerala Food

Top 5 Restaurants in Bengaluru to Savour Kerala Food

Kerala is a paradise for every food lover. Moreover, the spices from this state have high importance. It is also known as the ‘Land of Spices’. Kerala is well known for its huge varieties of non-vegetarian food. Almost all the foods share few spices in common (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian).Each and every spice used in Kerala food not only adds richness to its taste, but also has medicinal values. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Bengaluru to savour Kerala food, here are your top choices to consider.

Top 5 Restaurants in Bengaluru to Savour Kerala Food

Fort Kochi

This is one of the finest restaurants in Bangalore, which serves Kerala dishes. The special Kerala butter garlic prawns at this restaurant are lip smacking, and the regularsalso suggestPomfret Fry. If you are staying away from home in Kerala, then you must try this restaurant to taste all kinds of authentic dishes.

This restaurant has a very good interior design, and the staffs are very hospitable. Moreover, you can book restaurant tableprior to your visit. On a final note, Fort Kochi is famous for all kinds of Kerala dishes.

Sanadige – Goldfinch Hotel

If you are looking forward to have Kerala’s coastal cuisine, then Sanadige is the best pick. It has classy interiors, which make you fall in love with it. The staffs in this restaurant are well-groomed and friendly with the customers.

They have a variety of South Indian food (especially Kerala food) with coconut influence, which makes the delicacies lip smacking. Moreover, if you are a sea food lover, then you must not miss the delicious sea food over here. Regulars to this place recommend all the varieties of sea food and also boiled rice with gassi.Once you visit this hotel, you are sure to go out with a satisfied tummy.

Coconut Grove

If you are looking for traditional and aromatic Chettinad dining experience, then this hotel is the right fit for you. The quality of the food served at this restaurant is very high. One of the unique features of the restaurant is its ambience. Once you step into the restaurant, you feel like you are in Kerala.Regulars to this restaurant recommend the regional fish fry, karimeenpollichadu and chemmeen curry. Even the thali over here is pretty decent for the price you pay.


This is one of the most authentic Kerala restaurants located near Ulsoor, Bangalore.AlleppeyChemmeen curry is one of the best dishes served at this restaurant, and one must say the flavours of the food served herelinger on your taste buds till your next visit. If you are planning to visit the restaurant during the weekends, then try your hands on weekend special sadhya, which is truly a grand weekend lunch. This weekend lunch breaks one’s perception that Kerala’s flavours are all about having coconut in them. The food served in the weekend special sadhya fills you for your dinner as well.

Malabar Bay

Malabar Bay has non-conspicuous entrance, and the interior of the restaurants leaves you spellbound. The ground floor caters to the crowd who want to have a quick bite and rush to their work. The first floor is split into two: one serving the customers in a quick manner and the other for leisure dining.Regulars recommend having prawns tawa fry (as a starter), pothichor (main course) and for the non-vegetarians,chicken shappucurry is a lip smacking dish.

Visit these restaurants to have a wonderful Kerala dining experience.