Top 10 Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Free Anime Online


Anime is always popular in Japan and where in the other countries, people are used to watch dubbed version and all. You must have seen shinchan; this cartoon is favorite of all. Well, these anime are one of kind. Everything about anime is pretty wonderful and perfect. This is the reason it has become popular in no time in whole world. Entertainment is a mandatory thing and if anime like manga are available without any cost then it adds beauty to the entertainment. You can watch lots of stuff which earlier you would have missed. So grab your opportunity of watching anime online that too free of cost. Here are your suggestions.

Top 10 Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Free Anime Online

  1. GoGoAnime.Io

This website is very much popular anime website on the internet and it has free anime shows available online. The genre is full of diversity so everyone has their own freedom of picking up their favorite anime. The other good part about this website is that it has Japanese language but English subtitle is available. So it will be easy to watch freely. And it works on both android and iOS .


Anime freak has always been the trusted anime website. It offers the contents full of quality and you can see your favorite episodes anytime. The only thing which you might have to deal with is its ads. There are unwanted ads on this website so this trouble while watching TVs.


If you just love watching anime online there cannot be any perfect website than this. The other best thing about anime is that it has no ads. So while watching anime online you are free. It has so many famous dubbed and subbed anime. There are many people have compared 9anime as an anime torrent websites. This website is also full of different genres. You can even try out different genres. 9anime has lots of thing to watch. It is complete package of entertainment and past time.

  1. Chia-

This website is full of wonder! It is one of best website full of best anime series from all time. So you can definitely enjoy both anime latest ones and old times. On the other hand the speed of this website is even awesome. Chia anime is one of known name in the field of anime. The best part about these anime is that they keep their collection full of variety that is why it has become one of favorite websites of people.


It is one of streaming website for watching dubbed anime online for free. On the other hand, it even let you enjoy the anime episodes that are in the Japanese anime with English subtitles. So if you want you can definitely use site in any platform that whenever you want without any hassles.


So this website offers just not the best anime but legal anime as well as. You can watch it online as it has really wonderful marvelous collection of anime series. That makes people fall for it every time. Although, everyone knows subtitles are tough nut to crack but this website has kept things sorted and it already offers the subtitles already. They have premium membership as well as so if you will be thinking to watch more then; there you are surely free to watch. However, the access to the website is not permitted for all the country. You may check out that if it works for or not!


Hulu is one of best anime website but this one is not standing in the same line as others. It is standing in the list of American subscription video. But this is also available for the users in Japan and United States. Hulu too has collection full of animes watch. These beautiful animations give immense pleasure. You can visit to this website and discover what you like.

  1. Master Anime

This one is quite popular since, it has come into existence. It has one of particular section which is named as ‘release schedule’ so this section gives you completely information about releasing dates of many anime series and episodes. You can show the review and that is how you may pick up the best one for yourself. Alternatively it also offers you so many anime to keep save for your leisure time. The quality of this site is also so wonderful. So there is nothing like bad quality with this website. The best part about this website is that you can get dubbed anime subtitles for free.

  1. MyAnimelist

It soothes our heart and mind when we find what we are searching since for so long. MyAnimelist is definitely one of that website which has so many things to offer. Those who are manga reader or lover they are going a single and best opportunity to find that in best quality. Recently they have mentioned a new section with the name popular anime section. As the name is suggesting it must have some unique contents. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your opportunity for having the best thing in your list.

  1. Crunchyroll

The name is obviously super awesome. Crunchyroll is one of most brilliant Anime streaming sites. However, if your pocket is tight oh so you can use this website. Because this is not going to cost you any bucks. Watching good stuffs are like a good service and if this service is free it is like the best social service anyone can give (by the way jokes apart). Anyway this website is going to be literally good for those people who ever had been thinking about watching anime for free. It is even going to be super fantastic for those who had been keeping an eye on different sort of stuffs. This is going to be rocking for all the time! Go rock and enjoy!