TinyOwl Android App- A Complete Unbiased Review


After the launch of number of shopping apps for goods and accessories, you can now easily order online the delicious and yummy food from your favorite restaurant. All thanks to TinyOwl food delivery app. TinyOwl app had made it possible for the busy people to order the delicious food from the restaurants to their home or offices in quick time. This food ordering app had gained too much popularity among the people.

TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd. had developed this stunning order online app for the food lovers. It is a small Mumbai based technical startup. TinyOwl app is presently operable in major cities of India namely- Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune. It has plans to settle in other parts of the country too. If you are a food lover living in any of the above mentioned cities then you must install this amazing food order app on your Android smart phone. Once you have installed this app on your smart phone, you are ready to enjoy the best food near your vicinity. Let Us read an unbiased review of this amazing app.

Fast and Smart

TinyOwl order online food app is quick and smart. It allows you to go through different restaurant’s menus in no time and order your food quickly. It also provides you food coupons on order of 200 INR or above that can be used in your next purchase. So, order the best food online with smarter interface of TinyOwl app.

Food Order and Delivery is Hassle free

Due to the busy schedule of people and hectic lifestyle, they tend to compromise their food and diet. TinyOwl app does not let it happen and let you go through the menu of each and every restaurant near your locality and order the food of your choice. The food that you have ordered will be delivered to your house without any hassle. TinyOwl app is the ideal solution for people, who do not wish to dine out or hardly find time to dine in the restaurants. TinyOwl app looks through the need of each and every app user and helps them to taste the delicious food from their favorite restaurant at home or at office.

Happy Experience

I am sure that once you install this app on your Android smart phone and order the food using TinyOwl app, it will be a great experience. You might get food coupons if your order is more than 200 INR.

Location Based Service

TinyOwl food order app will smartly detect the location where you are to find out the nearest restaurants to your place. You can even enter your own location to get more exact results.

Personalized Tracking

TinyOwl app offers personalized service and keeps track of your address, orders you place and the details of debit/credit cards securely. So, you are saved from typing same details again and again whenever you order the food for next time. You can even repeat the same order that you have placed previously.

Flexible Payments

TinyOwl app allows you to make payments through your debit or credit cards or through cash on delivery (COD) payment options. Flexibility is provided to the customers during the payments.

Exclusive Offers

When you make your first purchase using TinyOwl app, you will be given discount food coupons and you can even get exclusive food offers while placing the order.

Final Say

TinyOwl is one of the leading food ordering apps in Mumbai and is slowly growing its network in other cities of India too. It is presently receiving more than 2000 orders and is growing slowly. You must install this app on your smart phone and order for food now.