Three Things Your Business Should Be Doing With Text Messaging



Text messaging is a major feature on smartphones and cellphones, and many people use this feature far more than any other on their phone. Sure, it may seem less personal, but it’s a great way to get a quick message across.

Getting that quick message out there is one of the reasons businesses should be utilizing this phone feature. Not all of your customers are going to opt in, but you can be sure that if you are offering them the right things via text message, they’ll be happy to sign up.

Sending Coupons And Discounts

Sure, you can email coupons and discounts, but wouldn’t they be easier for people to find if they were right in their text message folder? No more digging through countless saved emails with coupon codes for their favorite stores.

MMS messages are pretty much standard with smartphone users, and many of them will be happy to receive regular coupons via text message to use at their favorite stores, restaurants, or even places to stay. There is no limit to the types of businesses that could use texting for this feature.

Sharing Sales

Let your customers know about upcoming sales through text messaging, Maybe even have sales that are by text message invite only, which is a great way to get more people to sign up for this feature. Maybe they have to have a certain codeword that only came through the text feature.

These days less and less people are watching TV or listening to the radio, so they are missing out on commercials because of Netflix and iPods. That means you need to come up with new ways to reach people and let them know what you have to offer.

Sending Reminders

For schools and doctor’s offices, having text messaging is a great way to remind patients about appointments, or remind parents about field trips and parent teacher conferences. This can save  lot of time for doctor’s offices, not needing to call every individual to remind them of their appointments.

As far as schools go, with all of the bomb threats and lock downs happening these days, texting is also a great way for schools to reach out to parents in these kind of times. Even when bad storms are on the way, or when there is an illness outbreak in the school.

Many people may be concerned about charges incurred by these types of text messages, but often there aren’t any. If you have a phone with unlimited talk and text it is very unlikely you’ll get any extra charges for a text from school or the doctor. If you aren’t sure, contact your phone company and ask, instead of just missing out on texts that could save you time and money.