Open World Madness : Things You Need to Know About GTA V

Things You Need to Know About GTA V

When this massive open-world game was released, many players enjoy and happy to have the experience playing it. You can do whatever you wish to do in a virtual world, and the feeling is empowering. And when the big-time game company, Rockstar Games, introduced this game in 2013, all people want to play it. Today, thanks to steam because GTA V is not that expensive anymore, and everyone can relive their excitement for this game.

This article will provide you some details about GTV and give you a few tricks and tips to have the best experience when playing it. With that said, here are the things you need to know about GTA V.

Things You Need to Know About GTA V

What Is GTA V?

Rockstart North developed GTA V, and Rockstar Games released it later on. It is the first game entry of the Grand Theft Auto franchise after the game GTA IV in 2008. The game’s setting is in the invented state named San Andreas, which is in Southern California. It’s a single-player campaign seeing three individual criminals making their best effort to perform heists.

They are doing the heist while being under pressure from some powerful crime bosses and government agencies. The massive open-world map allows you to freely explore Los Santos and the open countryside of San Andreas.

Tips and Tricks

If you already downloaded this game, you need to play it right away. But with your knowledge of the game, there are more things you don’t know, like making your experience easier when playing GTA V. Well, we will show you some useful things even if you are an experienced or new player.

Simple Ways to Make Money

it’s your first time in the game, it’s challenging to generate cash. But worry no more because we will provide the methods for quickly generating money in this game. If you need some cash to get your Super Heavy Armor or kill tons of people using RPG or Grenade Launcher, keep reading.

  1. Assassinations

The perfect method to get a lot of cash in the story mode of GTA V is to perform and finish every assassination mission in Lester’s stock market. Do all the assassination jobs, and you can earn tons of money that you can use to buy the things you want. There are also guides about repeatedly doing the mission so you won’t have to search far to find the other tasks.

  1. Stocks Investing

The proven and tested tip of purchasing stocks cheaper and selling them higher is still doable in GTA V. You need to be detail-oriented about the news in the game to know which in-game stocks are doing bad or good.

To generate quick money, save the game while you shut off the autosave option. After that, invest every money you have in a specific stock you might think is going well. Proceed to any available safe house in the game, and without saving your game, rest there. Or you have to wait for about forty-five seconds before you check the portfolio to know the profit result. Keep checking any stock until it summits, and you start selling.

The more money you invest, the higher the return, and if the specific stock is not doing great, you only need to load the saved file, and you will quickly get every cash invested without a problem.

Also, finishing all the Franklin Assassination tasks is the best method to get rich and earn a lot of money quickly. With that, finishing the story mode of the game is worth it to invest tons of cash using every character.


deo games is a fun way to relieve stress. And with GTA V, you can do all the things you want in-game without worrying about anything. Start playing this game and follow the tips and tricks to generate tons of cash and buy the things you want.