The Ultimate Buying Guide For an Aged League Account


If you are new to gaming and you would like to purchase an aged League of Legends account, it’s best to consider a reputable vendor. 

 You will come across so many account warehouses in the market that promises to sell you legit accounts but you end up getting disappointed. The account either gets banned or inaccessible. So how can you avoid getting unrankedsmurfs accounts from shady vendors? 

First things first, always get something with buyer protection. This guarantees you that your LoL account will work reliably even in the future. That said, here is a guide to help you distinguish between a fake account and a genuine one.

  • Look for Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way of identifying a great account. Satisfied customers will definitely leave positive feedback on the seller’s site. 

It is almost impossible for a company to manipulate such reviews. Be sure to check out what other buyers are saying about a product for better insight. Look out for both positive and negative reviews as well. 

If a company has been running for many years, you are most likely to find a growing list of reviews. If an account has just one review, that could be a huge red flag.

  • The seller must have a long history in business

The longer the history of business the more the experience. Likewise, only a reputable business will stay that long in the business. 

They will also have a growing list of reviews on their site since they have interacted with several clients. Also, they will not be quick to abandon their account in case something went wrong, instead, they will look for ways to solve issues. 

Don’t be quick to trust new websites no matter how good the offers are. The best warehouses have a history of at least 3 to 4 years.

  • Make sure the account has a lifetime warranty

Warranties are essential when purchasing almost any item. It is also probably one of the best ways to distinguish between genuine vendors and scammers. 

You would be wise to purchase authentic accounts to avoid getting perma-banned. Only a reputable seller will guarantee a refund in case something went wrong or at least provide a backup account. 

A vendor will refuse to provide a return policy if they know what they are selling isn’t genuine. To ensure your account stays safe forever, ask your preferred vendor to provide you with a lifetime warranty.

  • Helpful sales team

Customer satisfaction is the goal of every reputable company. As such, the sales team will do their best to make sure you get all the help you need. 

Check how fast they respond to queries and whether or not they are transparent with giving information about the account credentials. The best vendors offer prompt responses to texts, calls, or emails within business hours. 

They also have problem-solving strategies set in place in case something goes wrong. You also get to interact with the sales team via a live chat service. Read more here 

  • Security

The security of your LOL account is very important. You need to get something with strong login details and a password. Moreover, the logins should not be easily guessed since someone may take advantage and steal your account. 

Cybercrime has become rampant in today’s world of tech and it’s so easy to lose your account to a hacker. Also, consider getting your account from a registered dealer rather than directly from the account owner.

  • The seller should offer different modes of payment

There are various ways you can pay for your LoL smurf account including PayPal, gift cards, cryptocurrency, and credit cards. Only a reputable seller will incorporate several payment methods into their website. 

Having different payment options simplifies the buying process so that gamers from all walks of life can easily access the account. Plus, it is easy to get refunds for any purchases made through PayPal or credit cards. 

As mentioned, scammers will shy from giving any refunds and therefore may refuse to include these two modes of payments on their sites.

  • Strong social media presence

Almost everyone today uses social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. For this reason, your business must be present on these platforms. 

A legitimate vendor will frequently provide updates to their followers through new content and posts on these media. A customer should be able to reach account warehouses through Twitter or Facebook. 

A strong presence on social media means a business is not afraid to receive unfiltered critiques or praises from customers.

  • Other Services

Besides selling a LOL account, some buyers offer other services like skins, runes, and coaching. If you would like these services, let your seller know before sealing any deals. 

Most dealers will provide these services as discounts if you are buying several items from them. You should also identify the type of skins offered in every account before making any purchase. 

Note that skins have a strict time limit, so you should try and get the ones you love on time to avoid missing out.


Gaming is one of the most interesting leisure activities available. However, successful gaming can only be achieved when you have the right account. By considering the guide above, you are able to get the best deals possible. Remember to take your time during your research to find the right one.