The Top 3 Best Data Recovery Services of 2018 (UK)


The Top 3 Best Data Recovery Services of 2018 (UK)

Storing essential documents, images, video, etc. is part of people’s everyday lives especially those who use gadgets for their work, studies or even personal matters. With data storage, comes the risk of data loss. Residents in the UK and the other parts of the world are fortunate due to the rise of data recovery services.

Data Recovery: An Overview

What are good with technological upgrades nowadays are also the rise of data recovery specialists and the availability of data recovery services to help return lost files.

Data recovery is the effort of restoring lost data that utilizes medium such as a hard disk drive, laptop, flash drive, memory card, etc. The method of data recovery to be used in a case of data loss may vary depending on the reason behind the loss.

Loss of data can be due to several reasons such as unintended deletion, file corruption, alterations or damage in the file system format, damage n in the physical drive, etc.

Types of Data Loss

 To understand better what data recovery and associated services, causes of data loss must be understood. These include:

  • Deletion of Files

There are instances that users might accidentally delete files or intentionally delete it but then remembered that the data is still of importance. Data can be restored depending on the system used, and how long is the action of retrieval has been done.

  • Corruption of Files

There are instances wherein the files that have been corrupted can still be retrieved if there are copies in hard drives. All that is needed is to attach the hard drive to another computer. If the software is the problem, the recovery services and experts can be tapped and utilized.

  • Changes in File Format System

Formatting a file system can cause damage to previous files stored on the disk, but extent may vary depending on the format done. The software is used to help recover lost data.

  • Damage to Physical Drive

If the hard drive is damaged, this might cause detrimental changes to the storage. Underlying causes could be broken controller board or other parts, etc.

Best Data Recovery Services in the UK 

Top 3 services under data recovery birmingham and in other parts of UK include:

  • Hard Drive Recovery

The hard drive recovery aims to restore lost files that have utilized hard disk drives to store data. Common causes of data loss that needs this kind of recovery include physical problems, electronic damage, corruption of master boot record, damage in the interface, etc.

  • RAID Recovery

When the hard disk has been broken, files can be stored in RAID storage architecture while waiting for repair. RAID can combine components of multiple physical disk drives into more utilizable units. RAID recovery is the restoration of data kept in RAID storage.

  • Mobile Device Recovery

One of the best data recovery services offered in the UK is the restoration of data loss from cell phones. Many smartphones can store files with a memory of more than a gigabyte. Losing documents, videos, and images etc. might be very disappointing for users. This is why mobile device recovery has been beneficial for several people not only in the UK but also even in other countries.

Tips to Prevent Further Data Loss

Although there are data recovery services and specialists available, it would still be helpful to be knowledgeable of tips to prevent possible and future data loss. These tips include:

  • Make sure to backup files. Look for online storage that is proven to be safe to keep records. Also store essential data offline such as in desktop, hard drives, etc.
  • Use antivirus software and other applications that will prevent viruses, bugs, hackers, etc. from manipulating the system and the files.
  • Take care of the physical drives. Make sure to keep the devices dry, avoid unnecessary moving of machines. Also, always safeguard the computers and other devices.
  • Always practice good working habits. It is highly recommended to evaluate techniques first before applying it to tasks done.
  • It is wise to practice disk maintenance or disk defragmentation on a regular basis. This helps maintain organization of data that leads to better access and retrieval if needed.


In the UK and other countries, data recovery services have served as a solution to worries of people regarding data loss. Loss of data may indeed be tragic for anyone. To give you a hand with your problems about data loss and possible prevention, you can visit this link: